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Segment 305 ! By: Ben Lou

Q: What should I do if my expenses exceed my income?

A: In business, a small business owner must always know to cover certain monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance, employee wages and licenses. You will have those expenses whether your sales is zero or not enough.

These are called fixed expenses wherein your business cannot function without them. So in short whether you made money or not, you have to spend these every month.
The same concept applies to each of us.

We in a way are running a business in us every month.

We have to make sure we know to allow so much to pay for shelter, food, utilities and miscellaneous costs.

Over time, most of us add more and more miscellaneous items to the monthly expenses without really sitting down and looking at how much money comes in and this is very bad for business. We may want to ask ourselves if our lifestyle has changed so much that we have lost control of our finances.

But in most cases we are the cause of the how and why this happens. Failure to measure certain items in a budget can lead to a financial disaster as in expenses exceeding our income.
Take for example putting a bicycle together.

There are the must do first before doing the actual assembly or you could end spending more time than you should in doing the chore.

Just imagine if every part was not measured to the exact measurement, then the bicycle cannot be assembled thus leaving you with a worthless piece of junk.
It is the same when doing a budget.

Knowing what tools you need to start and then actually sitting down to do the work is a must and you must make things tie together for it to make sense so that you do not end up overspending and have expenses exceed your income. Try this for the new year.

It can save you a lot of headaches.

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