Duterte reveals impeachment ploy against himself; analysts urge need for speaking coach

Vice-President Leni Robredo (left) and President Rodrigo Duterte (right)

By Corina Oliquino | FilAm Star Correspondent

MANILA – On Monday, September 12, 2016 while speaking in front of the new government appointees, Duterte reiterated that though he was ready to leave the presidency at any moment, he also revealed that there were some forces trying to unseat him by building a case against him in line with his war on drugs and the alleged extra-judicial killings.

“In this quest of mine, I am prepared to lose my honor, my life and the presidency,” Duterte said in his speech.

Duterte mentioned a “game” being played against him and accused the “yellow” forces of spearheading it in connection with the recent remarks by U.S. President Barack Obama and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon against him.

“Huwag na tayong magbolahan ganun, sumakay itong si Obama, sumakay si Ban Ki-Moon dito sumakay. Alam mo kung kaninong laro ito? Ay ayaw ko nang sabihin… Yellow ‘yan,” Duterte said in his speech on ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol.

(“Let us not beat around the bush, Obama and Ban Ki-Moon played along with this game. You know whose game this is? I don’t want to say it… It’s the Yellows.”)

Yellow is the color strongly associated with the Aquino Family as well as the Liberal Party’s where Vice-president Leni Robrero belonged, as well as some senators and congressmen who were also allies to the President.

Robredo denied the accusation. The Vice-president also reiterated that in Senate and in the Lower House, there were members of the Liberal Party supporting the president.

“There are no moves from the Liberal Party to unseat the President. I plan to clarify this with the President to clear the misinformation and assure him of the party’s commitment to the reforms for our Filipino people,” Vice President Leni Robredo told ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol.

Another Liberal Party member, Sen. Franklin Drilon also rebutted the accusation hurled at them to unseat the president.

“Hindi po sinabi ng Pangulo kung sino ‘yung mga ‘Yellow’” but on the part of the Liberal Party, we deny that we are part of such plot if indeed that plot exists,” Drilon told reporters.

As per the minority congressmen belonging to the Liberal Party, they also denied that there was an existing plot to impeach the President and cautioned that some of Duterte’s statements have been misunderstood or taken literally.

According to GMA News, the self-proclaimed “Legitimate Minority 8”, Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice, Northern Samar Rep. Raul Daza and Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman were some of the members from the lower house who warned that the “tough-talking” president could be “inadvertently compromising himself through his public speeches and pronouncements.”

“It is the president who might be so to speak impeaching himself for his improvident and ill-conceived statements unmindful of adverse or compromising consequences,” Rep. Lagman said.

Analysts suggest proper speaking style for the president.

In a report by ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, several analysts expressed their concern regarding the president’s tough-talking style and should be addressed sooner or later to prevent altercations in and outside the government as well as the country.

According to University of the Philippines Professor Jean Franco, due to the president’s inability to use appropriate language at times, the public’s attention was focused on the profanities rather than the important things that the president was saying.

“Yes the lack of clear and coherent communication to the public is a big problem. With his inability to choose appropriate language, he will always be the story instead of the substance of what he said,” Franco said.

“Temperament and a deep understanding of the power of the words are qualities of a good president. He is no longer a mayor but a president who can make or break our future,” Franco added.

As for Political Communications Strategist Reli German, he said that the President and his communications team should have a tight relationship to prevent confusion between official statements made by them and the President’s verbal statements.

“The fact that he speaks his mind, seemingly regardless of the possibility of consequences, dumps the problems on those in charge of communications in the different levels of government. Unfortunately, when one word or statement by the President affects different departments, there appears to be little or no coordination among those tasked to affirm, deny or explain the President’s statements or pronouncements,” German said.

De La Salle Professor Richard Heydarian said, “Another thing is, the comm team should be more hands-on and ensure that the president, when speaking of foreign affairs and relations with key allies, keep it short, measured and stick to talking points. It isn’t easy for sure but it must be done lest tensions with some key allies like America may reach a tipping point sooner than we think,” Heydarian.