An estimated hundred vehicles participated in the second caravan for the Biyahe ni Leni campaign in San Francisco that saw a wider participation from Filipinos in the Bay Area. 

More warm bodies came in support of the presidential and vice-presidential campaign of Vice-president Leni Robredo and Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, respectively, coming from Vallejo, Antioch, Oakland , San Jose , Santa Cruz , Santa Rosa, and San Bruno in pink as they assembled for a motorcade around the Daly City, South San Francisco, Colma and San Bruno area.

According to organizer Filipino American Human Rights alliance (FAHRA), the first caravan was the first in the US and this second caravan was part of the first synchronized pink caravan in the whole North America including three cities in the US and seven in Canada. 

“The bigger turn-out was a result of the call for action and for unity saw emboldened OFWs in the light of the alliance of (Ferdinand Bongbong) Marcos and (Sara) Duterte, both son and daughter of dictators and direct beneficiaries of the plunder and atrocities of their fathers,” said FAHRA leader Ago Pedalizo. 

Pedalizo added that VP Leni has no one else to lean on but the people as only a direct political intervention of the people can stop the greed for power and plunder of Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte

“The people are saying enough with killings, enough with corruption, enough with dynasty. Bring back democracy in the Philippines,” contends Pedalizo.

At the rally itself before the caravan took off, participants heard speeches from prominent leaders and other supporters alike championing the causes that the Robredo-Pangilinan ticket espoused. They also staged a mini-picket rally forming a circle chanting anti-Duterte and Marcos slogans while stating Robredo’s good deeds.

FAHRA and US Pinoy for Good Government leader Rad Abarrientos was glad for a “very successful event today where we had a welcome by the Filipino Americans who flashed the Laban L-sign shouting Leni kami in and around the vicinity. 

“I really fear that the evils in the Philippines will steal this election. They are already putting in place all the necessary pieces and bits to ensure victory in this coming electoral exercise for the Tandem team of Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte-Carpio. We should bring back good governance , eradicate graft and corruption and elect the best president that is righteous and just to his people,” Abarrientos said. 

Abarrientos confessed that he alone would probably would be contented with a wholesome and peaceful life in the US ”but I am doing this for just one reason. To make a better Philippines, where I could be proud to the whole world… this is for my country, the Philippines.” 

Akbayan leader Edwin Batongbacal said, “(Bongbong and Sara) are running only for their own selfish ends. With the decision of Leni Roredo to run, the terrain of election has changed. We now have a fight in our hand. We now have a struggle to work on. We now have someone who we can really support for the good of the country.”  .  . 

Long-time activist Atty. Rodel Rodis updated participants in their crusade against alleged Duterte crony from Davao, Dennis Uy, who is reportedly reaping the fruit of his Malampaya deal from a mere $100 investment to “earning $1.13 million per day.” 

“There has not been a crony worse than this! Dennis Uy will also supply all the election equipment needed by COMELEC after bagging the contract worth $650 million,” Rodis said. “Now, even the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, a conservative group has been questioning the deal as very disadvantageous to the country. If (the Marcos Jr.– Sara Duterte-Carpio team) wins, Dennis Uy will corner more sweetheart deals and happy days will continue for Uy.”  

Rodis explained that through Uy, China is also benefitting. China is allegedly funding all of Dennis Uy’s deals and, in the process of giving Uy control of Malampaya in Palawan, the Philippines is actually giving China control of the West Philippine Sea. 

“Many of our fellow Filipinos do not really know much about VP Leni, a lawyer, UP Economics graduate, she has achieved a lot given the very limited budget given her OVP office which has been best audited by Commission on Audit three years in a row,” Red Reyes stated. 


Almost a hundred vehicles participate in the second caravan (photo by Crispin Mendoza)

Rally participants gather before the caravan took off

Leader Red Reyes spoke on the qualifications and good deeds of Leni Robredo