Despite trading barbs on several issues,  Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso on September 24 said he can work with President Rodrigo Duterte if  he wins the presidency and Duterte the vice-presidency.

In an interview over ANC’s Headstart, Domagoso said he can even give Duterte a Cabinet position “if he likes to.”

Stressing that he knows the meaning of “respect,” Domagoso guaranteed he won’t treat Vice-president Leni Robredo the way she was treated by Duterte.

According to Domagoso, he and the late former Manila mayor Alfredo Lim came from different parties, yet they had a good working relationship. 

This time, Moreno said he wants to serve with his official running mate, Dr. Willie Ong.

“As much as possible, countrymen, for the first time, please believe in a tandem so that there would be no more quarrel because what electing different president and vice-president brought us is useless discourse,” pleaded Domagoso.

On Robredo, the Manila mayor said she never asked him to run as her vice-president.

“She did not, in fairness to Ma’am Leni. I really like her, such a decent woman. I have to give it to her. I am not at liberty to tell you all the details, talks that we have done with other people as a matter of respect to them,” said the Manila mayor.

Robredo previously confirmed that she met with Domagoso and Sen. Manny Pacquiao. The Vice-president related she was working to unite anti-administration forces for the 2022 elections. 

Being the highest elected official in the opposition, Robredo is perceived to be uniting the opposition and lead them in next year’s elections.

But Robredo has not yet announce her political plans in Eleksyon 2022.

According to Domagoso, he wants to “heal the country” if elected as president, saying the people are already exhausted.

“They just don’t have the voice to say, ‘Please stop.’ Let’s just focus on something, focus on commonality. The people are suffering, so if we’re going to do the same thing, it’s going to be a cycle. We have to heal,” said Moreno who has been in government service for 26 years. 

“Too much excess baggage will hinder us to move fast for the recovery of our country ,our family, and our economy,” he added.

Meanwhile, Domagoso said the President and all other government officials should be open to showing to the public their Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

“I don’t know their legal justification of that but as elected officials, nakalathala yung aming mga ari-arian, pag-aari at pagkakautang,” he said.

“Everyone down the line – that’s the law,” he added.