Opposition Sen. Leila de Lima on September 20 urged the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to freeze the assets of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. executives who engaged in luxury car-buying spree after they bagged over PHP8.5 billion government contracts for medical supplies in 2020. 

 De Lima, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Social Justice, said AMLC should immediately apply for a freeze order against the Pharmally officers whom she called  “soulless monsters.”

The purchase of luxury cars were revealed during the ongoing Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing on the overpriced procurement of medical supplies in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

De Lima said AMLC should  initiate civil forfeiture proceedings against these shameless profiteers. 

The freezing of the assets of Pharmally directors, she said,  should be done urgently “before they all fly away to the Caribbean with their plundered loot.”

De Lima made the call after Sen. Richard Gordon, chairperson of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, revealed in a hearing last September 17 that Pharmally executives Linconn Ong, Mohit Dargani and his sister Twinkle Dargani had luxury vehicles registered under their names less than a year after the transactions.

Gordon reportedly cited documents sourced from the Land Transportation Office showing that the luxury cars were registered in 2020 and early 2021, or months after the firm started winning contracts from the government.

Gordon  said Mohit Dargani, got a Porsche 911 Turbo S worth PHP8.5 million. He said the firm’s president, Twinkle Dargani, obtained a Lamborghini Urus worth PHP13 million.

“There is nothing wrong because they earned the money. The vehicle of Mohit Dargani is Porsche 911 Turbo, registered on May 7, 2021. They  got the transaction in April 2020. in less than a year, wow, Mr. President, PHP8.5 million Porsche, LTO gave us the registration,” said Gordon.

“Let us look at Mohit Dargani’s sister, Twinkle Dargani, president of the company, she has a Lamborghini Urus, wow, PHP13 million.” 

“How can you explain it, December 7, 2020, from April that you got the contract, Twinkle Dargani already has PHP13 million?” asked the senator.

Gordon also revealed that Linconn Ong, director of Pharmally, acquired a Lexus RCF worth PHP5.9 million, a Porsche Cayenne VR6 with an estimated amount of PHP6.35 to PHP8.85 million, and a Porsche Carrera 4S worth PHP13.5 million.

Like everyone else,  De Lima said she was shocked by the parade of Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Lexuses owned by the directors of Pharmally who apparently went wild on a luxury car buying-spree after receiving their PHP 8.7 billion windfall from selling overpriced PPEs, masks, and face shields to the government. 

De Lima said the recent revelations in the probe made it clear where the funds for the Bayanihan Law 2 went, stressing that the money used to purchase luxury vehicles “are the people’s money.”

That Lamborghini, that Porsche, that Lexus, are the people’s money. That is our money. And these greedy monsters have no conscience whatsoever using our money to feed their boundless sociopathic need for material wealth at the expense of dying Filipinos in the midst of the COVID-19 catastrophe. They deserve to burn in hell,” she added.