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By Ben Lou

Q:  Ride Sharing or Taxi?

A:  For something like this, it will always be a matter of preference for they are both legal.  There are some thing that one should always take into consideration before making a preference though.  Remember that taxis have been around for a long time.  It has been another choice of personalized public transportation other than taking a bus.  A taxi can pick you up and take you straight to your destination without going through many stops at passenger pick up stations.  But the bill shows the difference in service from a bus.  It is definitely much higher.  

Decades later, a new way of getting from and to a destination has evolved.  It is called Ride Sharing.  This is an App downloaded in your smart phone so that you will have access to a Ride Sharing driver at a smaller cost and will have the same result as taking ataxi.  After all we just want to get to where we are going fast and easy.

With these there are always risks when taking either Ride Sharing or a Taxi.  Let’s look over these and see where you are much better off.


  • Required to have commercial vehicle insurance.  The coverage is different for each State but you are very much covered by their insurance.
  • Extensive background check
  • Must have the right and valid Driver’s License class
  • Must use a real taxi and display their Operator license
  • Usually higher cost 

Ride Sharing:

  • Not required to have commercial insurance.
  • Limited background check
  • Must have a regular driver’s license class
  • Only displays the ride sharing company they represent
  • Usually lower cost

No matter what you choice maybe, always look at the pros and cons.  As these are both legal ways of public transportation both have their own benefits.  

 Ating lesson,  Alin man ang gustong pagpilian, kailangan itong pagisipan.

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