Former government medical adviser of the National Task Force on Covid-19 Dr. Anthony Leachon slammed some doctors and professionals for spreading “fake news” by spreadingmisinformation about anti-Covid vaccines.

Leachon debunked claims by retired UP Professor Dr. Romeo Quijano that Covid-19 vaccines are more dangerous than  the new coronavirus.

In a DZRH interview Quijano said he’s still did not get his Covid jab and that vaccines would attack all systems of the body, so it is not safe to be inoculated. 

To boost one’s immune system as protection against Covid, Quijano said one should take Vitamin C, Virgin Coconut Oil and Ivermectin.

In debunking the claims raised by Quijano, Leachon noted that the Philippines logged 30,000 fatalities from the 1.4 million Covid-19 cases since last year.

“So, how can you say that Covid-19 is not dangerous. It’s the greatest pandemic since the Spanish flu in 1918,” said Leachon, also president of the Kilusang Kontra Kovid.

In America, he said about  6,500 incidents of adverse reactions to the vaccines were recorded, “so that’s about .0019 percent.”

However, Leachon  clarified that  not all of this number of deaths  were related to vaccines as there’s some reported causal links. 

He said it cannot be differentiated if all of them succumbed after receiving Covid shots. But they all died during the time of the vaccination.

“So, how can you say that the vaccines are more dangerous than the new virus?”said Leachon.

The health reform advocate  asserted that that vaccines have become our “life savers,” eradicating smallpox, polio, and measles. This has become a part of the country’s Immunization program with new born babies being vaccinated.

“If we do not get vaccinated, how can we achieve herd immunity and economic recovery,” said Leachon. He also said the benefits far outweigh the risks. Leachon said the real danger is Quijano’s misinformation on the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

“We cannot accept that kind of advocacy against vaccines especially now that we are in a pandemic,” he said. 

He reiterated that the vaccines went through  extensive testing before they were authorized for emergency use by the USA FDA and introduced to the public.