For supporting the apparent presidential run of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, PDP-Laban  Vice-chairman and Energy Sec. Alfonso Cusi was kicked out of the ruling party based on the resolution signed by Party President Manny Pacquiao and other party leaders.

Pacquiao, currently in the United States for a boxing bout this August, is gunning for the presidency in next year’s election.

“Vice Chairman Cusi is already manipulating the party to support the Carpio-Duterte-Duterte tandem which is a blatant admission of supporting (Davao City Mayor) Sara Duterte-Carpio for President, who is not a member of the Party. He is guilty of having allegiance to a candidate and her political ideals and party,” stated Resolution number 6 issued on June 12.

Resolution number 6 also noted that “Her  party fielded candidates against and opposed official candidates of PDP-Laban in 2019 Elections. And she is vehemently opposed to joining the PDP-Laban Party.” 

Also expelled from PDP-Laban based the same resolution were Deputy Secretary Gen. Melvin Matibag and Membership Committee Head Astra Naik.

The three were booted out of the PDP-Laban for violations of their Constitution by “showing allegiance to a political party apart from PDP Laban.”

With their expulsion, “all rights and privileges of Cusi, Matibag and Naik as members of the Party and all their positions or authorities in the Party are likewise immediately terminated.“

The members “were likewise directed to cease-and-desist from following, supporting or giving legitimacy to any directive, resolution, notices, communications or actions of Alfonso Cusi, Astra Naik and Melvin Matibag related to or derived and resulting from the aforementioned acts and the meeting held on May 31.”

Another resolution was issued to declare the nullity of the March 31 meeting and the July 17, assembly of the PDP Laban National Council that was called by Cusi and Matibag. 

The three resolutions were issued in response by the NEC to  a manifesto signed by more than 10,000 grassroots members of the PDP-Laban which condemned “this systematic and underhanded effort by some party newcomers and a handful of party officers to sabotage the present leadership, so they may advance a political movement that is against the best interest of our beloved party.”

Apart from the expulsion of Cusi, Matibag and Naik, NEC also issued Resolution number 4 which authorized Pacquiao to  “direct, organize, create and appoint investigation committees from the National Committees” to deal with complaints and information regarding certain officers and members of the Party who may have violated the Party Constitution or may have committed acts inimical to the Party by showing allegiance to another Party.”

The PDP Laban likewise issued Resolution number. 5 which declared that under the party’s charter, Cusi does not have the power to call for a National Council meeting  because Article XVII Section 1 of the PDP Laban Constitution provides “that only the President of the party is authorized to sign documents on behalf of the National Council and the Party.”

As this developed, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III blamed  his party mates in PDP-Laban for concealing their cards over their “anointed candidates” for national posts in next year’s elections which triggered the bickering within the ruling party. 

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel believes the internal row in  PDP-Laban can be resolved if the camp of Cusi  would  be open about their candidates.

Pacquiao and Cusi have  been  at loggerheads over political issues within the party.

While he did not give a categorical response if they are supporting Pacquiao, Pimentel  said a political party should promote a nominee who must have a good record.

“It’s not necessary that he should be topnotch in surveys,” further stated Pimentel who guaranteed that majority of the party members are behind Pacquiao.

He cited the recent National Council Assembly in Cebu last May which was convened by Cusi. 

“You see there were just around 100 members (attending Cusi’s Cebu May event) when we are over 100,000 members,” emphasized Pacquiao.