PerryScope – What’s going on in Trump’s mind?


It’s been six months since he left the White House in disgrace and ex-president Donald Trump continues to plan for his comeback to the White House.  Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Trump will be reinstated as president in August.  It all began when Mike Lindell – the pillow guy – said publicly that Trump would be back to the White House.  Taking his cue from Lindell, Trump told his supporters he expects to be reinstated by the end of summer.

The Big Lie

The problem is that about a third of Republicans believe in the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from Trump.  Sidney Powell, who did legal work for Trump as he tried to overturn the 2020 election results, told a QAnon conference earlier this year that Trump “can simply be reinstated” and take over the rest of Biden’stime in the White House.  Hmm…  And how would that happen?  Can they just stop everything and dismiss president Biden from his job as president and turn over the presidency to Trump?  Is the U.S. going on its way to becoming a banana republic?

Not so, said Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch Trump supporter.  For once she disagreed with Trump. “It’s going to be very difficult to overturn the 2020 election, and so I’d hate for anyone to get their hopes up thinking that President Trump is going to be back in the White House in August,” she said. “Because that’s not true.”

Indeed, it was previously reported that there is “no legal path for Trump to be reinstated,” which makes White House officials worried that the conspiracy theory could trigger violence.  And this is what Trump is shooting for – massive protest and violence sparked by Trump’s militia supporters.  And all that Trump has to do is to draw his supporters to the White House just like he did on January 6th when he urged his supporters to gather in front of he White House where he incited them to go to the Capitol and breach the building to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes.

With the metal fence that was built around the White House after the January 6th insurrection partially taken down on July 7th, breaching the White House would be a lot easier.  Trump’s supporters would be armed and ready to face the police.  And it could really be bloody, which was what Trump’s supporters really wanted to happen, hoping that it would ultimately lead to a civil war.  

Trump would then march to the White House with thousands of his armed supporters.  Since the Insurrection Act prohibits the military from being used in civil disturbances, the National Guard may have to be activated to control the situation.  And Trump would call his supporters across the country to join the fight.  Within a day or two, the US would be in the midst of a civil war.

I fervently hope a civil war would be averted.  But Trump continues to peddle his unfounded claims that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden.  And that infuriates Trump’s supporters. 

Well, if his post-election rallies were an indication of his future plans, then we know that he is taking control of the Republican Party, which would put him as the de facto leader of his party leading to the 2022 midterms and ultimately the 2024 presidential elections with him as the GOP’s presidential nominee.

But one thing is haunting Trump right now.  There is a federal criminal case against Trump Organization, which would open up other criminal charges against him and possibly members of his family.  The government has three years to make its case stick; otherwise, if he’s elected president in 2024, he’ll avoid criminal prosecution.  And that’s probably what’s motivating him to continue ranting.

Straight from the cuckoo’s nest

Last July 9th, Trump once again dominated the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas with a 7-point- plan, which said that he’d be reinstated “in days, not years.”  The “straight from the cuckoo’s nest” plan involves ousting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and eventually installing Trump in her place.  Speaker Trump would then call for a vote to impeach, charge, and remove “imposters” President Biden and Vice President Harris.

As the Speaker of the House, he’d be third in line and he would then take up the presidency again in this out-of-this-world crazy scenario.  How would he accomplish it with the Democrats holding the majority vote in the House?  Easy. According to their plan, the Republicans would pull back the curtain on “the horror show” of the Democratic Party, which would cause groups such as the Black Caucus to “flip” sides and the GOP would regain control of the House.  And how are they going to make the Black Caucus flip sides?  Buy their votes?  That’s the worst insult the Republicans could think of.  And that would certainly make House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn laugh.  Hey, Jim, can you hold the Black Caucus together for Trump?  LOL

Mental state

According to Raw Story, John Talmadge, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, believes that Trump’s mental condition is deteriorating.  Trump’s ranting led Talmadge to say, “The condition is untreatable, incurable. Alzheimer’s dementia destroyed the life of Fred Trump and dementia tends to run in families,” he said. 

Indeed, there were instances when Trump showed signs of dementia, to wit:

1. While visiting Poland on July 6, 2017, Trump seemed lost on stage. In the video, Trump can be seen wandering around on stage and looking a little confused.

2. Also in 2017, the president had to be redirected back to his limo after walking away from it while getting off a plane. Conspiracy theorists said that this behavior is evidence of sundowning, a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease also known as “late-day confusion.”

3. Trump forgot to shake hands with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Israel.

4. He walked out of a ceremony forgetting to sign an executive order.

Three years from now, his mental state could be in a lot worse situation.  He should reconsider his plan of running for president again.  It’s time to retire from politics and give the younger generation a chance to run for president.  But the question remains:  What’s going on in Trump’s mind?