Daly City Restores Fire Engine 95 with Celebratory Event


Daly City – On July 1, 2021, the Daly City Council hosted a ceremony to celebrate the restoration of Fire Engine 95, a fire/paramedic engine company with North County Fire Authority (NCFA). The event was held at NCFA Station 95 at 191 Edgemont Drive in Daly City. Daly City officials, NCFA personnel, community members and the media were in attendance.

City Councilmembers were excited and proud to restore Engine 95 and hire nine firefighters to staff the engine company. Remarks were made by Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo, Councilmembers Ray Buenaventura, Glenn Sylvester and Pamela DiGiovanni, Supervisor David Canepa, City Manager Shawnna Maltbie, NCFA Chief Ron Myers, and Local 2400 Fire Captain Nick Doyle. The engine was debuted with a hose uncoupling ceremony led by the Mayor (see photo below).

“Today is a day of celebration, for our community is going to reinstate and restore Engine 95 – having Engine 95 back is crucial to the safety of our communities, both residents and businesses. Fire Engine 95 is here. It’s here today, and it is here to stay in our community!” Mayor Juslyn Manalo

“This opening is a great example of the community, the leadership, and the entire organization of the Daly City staff having the political will to reverse a very bad decision to shut this down years ago.” Councilmember Ray Buenaventura

“You have done more with less, and we appreciate you—we all banded together, and here we are today.” Councilmember Glenn Sylvester

“When we band together, we are stronger—today is a new day, we are a new team, and we are not going to stop.” Councilmember Pamela DiGiovanni

“It has been the perseverance of the Fire department and the Fire personnel that has carried through today, make no mistake about it. This Engine behind me will save lives.” Supervisor David Canepa

“I am most humbled by being able to have reimplemented something that was just the right thing to do. This really was teamwork. It is absolutely a day for our community and our firefighters, but I would also like to think it is indicative of more great things to come in Daly City.” City Manager Maltbie

“It will go a great way in providing emergency medical but also, in adding an additional Fire Company back, we have the opportunity and ability to fight fires.” NCFA Chief Ron Myers

“Daly City Firefighters have been dedicated to your service, to protecting you through fires throughout the state, through a worldwide pandemic, and through an increase in call volume over the last five years—Make no mistake that it was you, the residents, that brought Engine 95 back.” Local 2400 Fire Captain Nick Doylepage1image34304576page1image34307072

On March 8, 2021, the City Council unanimously voted to restore Engine 95 and its nine associated NCFA personnel after a hiatus of nearly four years. This restoration was made possible by the success of Measure Q – the Daly City Local Recovery & Relief Measure – which was overwhelmingly approved by more than 72% of voters on the November 2020 ballot. This half‐cent sales tax measure included a focus on maintaining paramedic, fire and 911 emergency response, as well as preparing for future natural disasters and public health emergencies. Allocating Measure Q funds to the restoration of Engine 95 closely aligns with community priorities and broad support for emergency response services.

“Engine 95 has been our top priority over the last four years – this restoration is a big win for our community. Together, we did it! Over the last year and a half, we have been reminded just how important our emergency response capacity is to our resilience. Now we will be better prepared for future medical emergencies, fires, and other natural disasters,” said Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo.

Budgetary impacts from the Great Recession led to the elimination of Engine 95 through attrition of the engine company personnel starting in Fiscal Year 2017‐2018. The City reluctantly eliminated Engine 95 to address an ongoing structural deficit, which saw reductions in services across every City Department. The elimination followed the unsuccessful Measure V – the Public Safety Parcel Tax – which did not gain the two‐thirds majority voted needed for approval on the November 2016 ballot.

“We know how strongly our community values fire and paramedic emergency response. I am thrilled that our community voted in favor of Measure Q so that the City Council could finally take the step to restore the engine company. I want to thank the voters of Daly City for making this possible,” said City Manager Shawnna Maltbie.

View a livestream of the event on Facebook (@DalyCityGovernment) or YouTube (@DalyCityGov).

To learn more about North County Fire Authority, emergency preparedness and safety resources, visit www.northcountyfire.org.