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By Ben Lou

Q:  A repair shop did my brakes and I paid the charges.  After a couple of days, the brakes made some noise when I step on it.  They told me I need other parts and they need to charge me for parts and labor.  Is there something wrong with that?

A:  If you feel you have been wronged by a car repair shop and resident of California, you can report this to BAR(Bureau of Automotive Repair).  Please check your local State for repairs enforcement.  

A client called seeking advice on what to do because he had his brakes repaired by a company then a couple of days later it started making noises when he stepped on it.  I told him to stop driving the car and bring it back right away to the repair shop who fixed it.  He already did that and they told him there is another part needed and that he would have to pay for that part and labor to install that part.  He didn’t feel right about it so he called me.

I told him that it didn’t seem right that the car shop would ask him to pay for labor in order to install a part that they should have replaced the first time.  This seems like a double whammy.  If they need to install a new part that they should have done the first time, the labor to take it apart again should not be on you especially if this should have been done correctly the first time.  They are not paying for your time to bring the car back and wait for the repairs to be completed.

When he went back to the shop,  he told them what I said and told them that he would file a complaint with BAR, then that is when the manager said that he can pay for the part only.  Sometimes it is a good thing to ask why you are being charged for something you don’t feel is right.  Fight for your rights and for your money.  You worked hard for it.  Don’t just give it up without a fight.

Ang ating lesson, Ang perang pinaghirapan ay dapat handang ipaglaban.

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