Incident at Seafood City Parking Lot

Luchi Marte Carey, kuyang Bong Aralar and kuyang Cris Enriquez, the Bay Area residents. Helped them to calm down because of what happened to them. They contacted the Philippine Consulate right away and explained about the incidents, the Philippine Consulate are willing to aid and assist for the distressed compatriots on Monday. After those traumatic experienced, their passports has been renewed, replaced and their documents has been updated. The same day, they went back to Oregon. Thank you, Philippine Consulate for your fast action. Photo by: Luchi Marte Carey
By Russell Carey

Seven Fil-Am women from Grant Pass, Oregon were robbed of their valuables like passport, original requisition of Filipino citizen, car keys, personal belongings and chargers in Vallejo, on April 24, 2021.

Thieves broke into their car, on passenger side at Seafood City parking lot at around 1:00 pm, while the women were in the store, for a stop-over on their long drive from Oregon to the Philippines Consulate in San Francisco, where they intended to renew their passports. The thieves took one woman’s passport, which she had left in the car. Fortunately, her companions had kept their passports with them when they went into the store, but they had all left valuables in the car. But thieves took advantage and took those items after breaking a car window and gain access to them. As the seven women returning to their car, they discovered someone broke their window of the car at around 1.30pm.

These Fil-Am women had to undertake their long trip to renew their passports personally, because that is the Philippines Consulate policy, unlike other nations’ like consulates in the U.S., they will renew passports by mail with a fee.