GFN Channel’s NorCal Kababayan is ‘Golden Gate bridge’ to all things Pinoy


SAN FRANCISCO The GFN released The NorCal Kababayan Show which premiered online on April 27. The show will stream bi-weekly, every second and fourth Tuesday, at 8:00 PM on The GFN Channel’s Facebook page at .

The NorCal Kababayan Show, a spin-off of the Facebook group with the same name, was created by Zabrina Cordova.  The Facebook page is a community group that embodies the cultural spirit and solidarity that unites the Filipino as one, the vision of which is to be acknowledged and recognized by society as the group that showcases the best of the Philippines.

According to Zabrina, “The mission of the group as well as the purpose of the show is to connect our Kababayan in Northern California with each other and to lift each other up through Bayanihan, cultural traditions, diverse culinary talents and entrepreneurial skills of our own heritage”.

“Like California’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, The NorCal Kababayan Show will be the bridge that connects Filipinos to the cuisine and products they love and crave”, Zabrina muses.

Besides being the founder of the Facebook group, Zabrina Cordova will also host the The NorCal Kababayan Show. Zabrina loves travel, food and nature and dreams of becoming a successful pediatric nurse. Creating The NorCal Kababayan page is her foundation to build charity and assistance programs for our fellow Kababayan.

Co-hosting the show is Marjory Lualhati, also an integral part of the Facebook group.  Her passion is to carry out random acts of kindness, with no expectations nor rewards in return. Her goals in life are to inspire others with her own capabilities and to be of service to her community.

Viewers of The NorCal Kababayan Show are treated to information regarding community businesses who sell Filipino food and products and the people behind them. Mayet Domingo is the executive producer of the show.

The GFN Channel was founded by Arnold Pedrigal who created this streaming channel early last year with eight shows currently streaming and providing the Filipino community with socially impactful messages in arts and culture, lifestyle, health and wellness, entrepreneurship and professional development, and community-building.

Several programs currently produced and streamed by The GFN Channel include:

  • Vilma, Live in LA! hosted by Vilma de Ramos (produced in Los Angeles)
  • Lakbay Ng Buhay hosted by Ronnie Lazala and Bonnie Ball Mendoza (produced in San Francisco and Dubai)
  • Upward Living hosted by Michelle Chan and Mars Catan (produced in Manila)
  • Pure Wellness hosted by Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra (produced in Hawaii)
  • Fast Forward hosted by Christina Laskowski (produced in Silicon Valley, California)
  • Real Talk with Sabrina hosted by Sabrina Wong (produced in Bay Area, California)
  • Kabayan Seattle hosted by Maricris Valdez Castro and Jonah Konop (produced in Seattle)