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By Ben Lou

Q: Can my identity be stolen from my cell phone?

A:  A cell phone is virtually a small computer.  It possesses applications that enables you to use it just like a computer as much as information that may be stored in its memory.  So it is a computer and it has your information in it, then it can be hacked and your identity stolen.  It is best to protect yourself as much as possible to prevent yourself from falling victim to identity theft.  Once you become a victim, it will change your life forever.

Here are some pointers to help protect your cell phone from being hacked and your identity stolen.

  • Always establish a pin code or a password. This will force anyone who ends up with your phone with having to reset it which will wipe out all the current information it contains.
  • Beware of phishing emails or scams. In some cases you might receive calls from someone pretending to be your service provider and ask you for certain information that they can use to hack your accounts.  There might also be emails asking you about certain information but these are scams.
  • Monitor your bills monthly. Always check your monthly bills for mobile phones and credit cards.  There may be signs of fraudulent activities or suspicious activities.
  • Safe disposal of phones. When you get a new phone and are ready to get rid of your old phone, erase everything and then give it to a recycling place or donate it. This will keep it away from the hands of thieves.


Ang ating lesson, Laman ng moblie phone ay erase muna,  para di mabiktima.

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