Unfazed by the Pandemic, Flight Attendant Publishes Travel Journal


JACKSONVILLE, FL. — Impacted by the pandemic and her profound passion for flying, Filipino-American author/flight attendant Lia Ocampo inspires aviation and travel enthusiasts with her latest book, I Love Flying: An Inspirational Journal for Your Flying and Travel Adventures. The picturesque journal is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Spark, and Blurb.

“I created the I Love Flying journal to honor those who have lost their lives to COVID-19, to admire the frontline workers in the aviation and travel industries, to encourage globetrotters to continue their passion for travel, to inspire people to explore the world, to advocate safe flight, to uplift the spirit of traveling, and to shed some hope in these challenging times,” said Ocampo.

The author compiled her favorite travel photographs and turned them into a book of inspirational quotes, reflecting on the beauty of flying, traveling, and life itself. Readers will find the photographic pages awe-inspiring and captivating. One would wish to fly to a place or country, find a new adventure, fill in the bucket list, and remember those memories. Ocampo expresses optimism in this journal. She highlights that while the aviation and tourism industries slowly bounce back, planning the next travel adventure and exploring the beautiful world again are possible.

For more information, visit authorlia.com, facebook.com/booksbylia, Youtube Channel: FlyingAuthorLia, Twitter: @booksbylia, and Instagram: @booksbylia.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born and raised in the Philippines, Ocampo spent 22 years working for the U.S. Government. She came to New York City in July 2012 as an immigrant. In 2013, she achieved her lifelong goal of becoming a flight attendant. Her flying experiences allow her to meet amazing people, create beautiful memories, and inspire her to do the things she loves: writing and photography. She became an author in 2020 through her first book, What We Know for Sure, a compilation of inspirational stories of Filipino immigrants in America. Ocampo is also a mentor and resource speaker for immigrants. She splits her time between Florida and New York while pursuing her writing, love of travel, and passion for helping others.