San Francisco — Self-Help for the Elderly is honored to be a beneficiary of Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA) and work together to do good for the senior community in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the third consecutive year, CCHCA awarded $100,000 each year to Self-Help for the Elderly to provide nutritious meals for the seniors.

“CCHCA strives to support the improvement and promotion of public health for the community. I became very impressed with what Self-Help does; over the years, our commitment to Self-Help has increased. We are very happy that Self-Help for the Elderly is feeding the seniors during COVID”, said Dr. Fred Lui, President of CCHCA. “We want to thank Anni and the Self-Help team for providing the meal services that our patients have needed, especially during the pandemic.”

Since March, many of the seniors have not been able to go out and have had to stay at home for a long time.  Self-Help for the Elderly continued to provide critical services like the nutritious meals and home-delivered meals program; over the phone counseling; social services; and virtual services to care for the seniors. Furthermore, CCHCA and Self-Help collaborated and provided home care, hospice and other essential services to the homebound seniors, ensuring they are healthy mentally and physically. In addition, Self-Help for the Elderly collaborated with CCHCA to establish a Chinese Community Task Force on COVID-19 where community professionals and leaders gathered to discuss and disseminate the latest and reliable information about the pandemic and interpret it in a way that applied to the Chinese community.  

Self-Help for the Elderly reopened seven Activities Centers, offering over 6,600 nutritious meals-to-go per week for the seniors in San Francisco; they also resumed the Choosing Healthy Appetizing Meal Plan Solution for Seniors (CHAMPSS) program and home-delivered meals program.

To learn more about the daily menu and the programs and services of Self-Help for the Elderly’s Nutrition and Senior Centers, please visit or call 415-677-7600.

About Self-Help for the Elderly
Self-Help for the Elderly began serving seniors in San Francisco’s Chinatown community in 1966. Today, Self-Help for the Elderly has 13 locations in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda and Contra Costa counties and serves over 40,000 seniors every year. For more information, visit 

About Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA)
CCHCA is involved in the community. In partnership with the Asian American Medical Group (AAMG), CCHCA provides its patients with access to in-person health education and online resources found at Asian American Medical Group (AAMG) Health Education Resources, promoting healthy living in the Asian community and beyond.