INC’s Build Build Build


By Don Orozco

Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo from all over the world are all thankful to the strong leadership of Brother Eduardo V Manalo. It is also worthy to note that even government officials from different parts of the world including the United States and Canada as well as in Europe have noted the strong presence of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in their own respective countries. In fact, some of them even went to meet with him at the Central office to offer their thanks to all the community assist projects INC have launched in different cities of their country.

A lot of people consider the year 2020 as a year of bad luck. Some even say it is a curse. Well, you can’t blame them. After all, it is a pandemic year. COVID 19. But not for the members of the  Iglesia Ni Cristo. Here is why.

In January, the Iglesia Ni Cristo opened their very first Eco-Farming facility in the United States by purchasing a property in Wyoming which they will call Shosoni Eco-Farm Mushroom. It is a 158-acre plot, with an 89,000 square-foot production facility, a 4,300 square-foot processing facility with a 3,000 square foot administrative building. Worldwide, Iglesia Ni Cristo has production facilities in 37 nations. In Lesotho, South Africa the church is developing cashew, pecan, and mango orchards.

Brother Eduardo V Manalo have directed Brother Glicerio B Santos Jr or “Ka Jun”, Auditor General of the Iglesia Ni Cristo to oversee all of the Church project. In fact, one of the biggest undertakings he was tasked with was to help the Philippine government in combating COVID-19 and offered the entire Ciudad De Victoria or the Philippine Arena Complex as isolation facilities for COVID -19 patients. All of which were offered for FREE use to the national government.

But for Brother Jun Santos the most satisfying project that Brother Eduardo has entrusted him was the building of chapels from all over the world. In fact, INC has offered to God several chapels from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and even those outside the Philippines despite the pandemic.

INC has embarked on a Build Build Build mode since 2009 when Brother Eduardo assumed the title of Executive Minister when Brother Erano G Manalo passed away in September. That year a total of 98 chapels were dedicated to God 62 were projects led by Brother Erano.

In 2010 INC built a total of 101. In 2011 a total of 108 chapels were built  (Note that this was also the time they bought a city in South Dakota). A total of 120 were constructed in 2012. In 2013, there were 154 chapels erected. In 2014 which was INC’s centennial year they were able to build 164 chapels. Let me state that this was also the year when the $213 million ( PHP9.4 billion) Philippine Arena was finished together with the PMD Multi-Media Building, the Honorata Guzman Building, and the state of the art School For Ministers building in Central Avenue, QC.

Build Build Build continued in 2015 with the introduction of the Barangay Chapel with a total of 553 plus 51 Chapels. In 2016 there were 10 chapels built abroad and in 2017 a total of 248 chapels. In 2018 there were 111 chapels offered to God. Houses of Worship were continued to be built in 2019 and INC was also able to construct and finish the New Era Management Building, the INC Museum plus the soon to be inaugurated EVM Convention Center.

In summary, just from September 2009 to September 2019, a total of 3,386 chapels were built (959 in the Philippine, 107 abroad, 1,01 abroad, and 1,117 repair and renovation) which will average to about 339 chapels a year. All of which came from the voluntary offering of the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Brother Eduardo V Manalo has admonished all the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo from all over the world to be thankful to God as he attributes his successful and dynamic leadership to Our dear God. Incidentally, the entirety of the Church wishes Brother Eduardo a very Happy Birthday as we pray for him that Our Almighty God continue to be with him and to bless him and his entire family. We promise we will always be one with you po. Happiest Birthday po.

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