INC: Generous in Christian Giving


By Don Orozco

On July 27, 2020, members of the Iglesia NI Cristo (Church of Christ) from all over the world will commemorate its 106th anniversary since its founding in 1914. As a Filipino residing in the United States, it behooves me to stand proud and be a living witness to her acts of generosity and genuine love. This act of generosity gave this Church an avalanche of success and a parade of victory which is all attributed to the glory of God.

Today as we journey through the digital age and social media, the outreach of the Church has been magnified both by the faithful and her critics. Brother Eduardo V Manalo, Executive Minister of INC has intensified, propelled, and mobilized entire congregations into action thus strengthening the various work of community outreach projects of the Church through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation; Kabayan Ko, Kapatid Ko (My Countrymen, My Brethren), and INCGiving. All were tapped to ensure all brethren from all over the globe are addressed both spiritually and mentally.

It is thus noted with utmost significance that the Church Administration has prepared the entirety of its members in executing projects that will benefit the community from around the world. Brother Eduardo has designated Brother Glicerio B. Santos Jr., General Auditor of INC to act as the foot soldier and implementor of the different community outreach of the Church. Brother Jun or Ka JS, as he is fondly called, went to work and instantly launched several community projects. These are Aid To Humanity projects in several cities in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and even in developed countries like the United States, Canada, and European nations as poverty exist and affect different people on different levels.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo has also opened the windows of opportunities by setting up, developing, cultivating, and opening different Eco-Farming projects. It has purchased thousands of acres of prime land and converted the same into a productive and self-sufficient land. These can be seen in Ladybrand and Petersburg in South Africa. It produces olive oil, almonds, and other crops. It also has a lamb and cattle ranch. The latest and the very first Eco-Farm outlet opened by INC in the United States was in Shoshoni, Wyoming, and produces tons of mushrooms in different varieties. Several other Eco-Farming facilities can be found locally in the Philippines some of which came as a necessity to help indigents. They are in Danlag, North Cotabato that will benefit the Blaan Tribe and Alang-Alang, Leyte on the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan.

Another achievement was registered in the Guinness Book of World Record in the “World Wide Walk” to help the government and the people of Tacloban rampaged by typhoon Haiyan in February 2014 and another one in May 2018 to help fight poverty in Africa. These are just some of the community projects launched by INC to help the people of the world.

It is noteworthy to mention that another unprecedented act of kindness displayed by INC was when they dedicated the entire complex of Ciudad De Victoria, The Philippine Arena as well as the New Era General Hospital in Quezon City as the main facility to fight and rehabilitate COVID 19 patients to be at the forefront in the fight against this worldwide pandemic. It has also donated millions to local governments to aid them in the fight against the coronavirus.

But above all these Brother Eduardo Manalo’s concern is the spiritual being of every INC. In all of his homilies, he encourages everyone to help in the mission and in the work of salvation. That task was also handed and entrusted to Brother Angelo Erano V Manalo who heads the Christian Family Organization to assist him. He has come up with activities designed to ensure that members remain focused on the salvation at hand.

Finally, I encourage everyone to have an open heart and mind and listen to the doctrines of the Church of Christ. As a former Catholic, what opened my eyes are three of many prophecies in which the fulfillment was witnessed in the Church of Christ. This is seen in the country of origin, the name in which it would be called, and even the exact date of its reemergence.

From its humble beginnings through the late Brother Felix Y. Manalo to Brother Erano G. Manalo, the thought and aim of the Church Administration remains the same with the leadership of the current Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo in giving glory to God and generous works.

To all the brethren from around the world Happy Anniversary. Happy 106th Blessed Years. We Are One With EVM. (question: