Fiona Ma pitches anew for Census 2020


California State Treasurer Fiona Ma graced the recent Filipino Food for the Community Program in Daly City for Father’s Day celebration to again pitch for the Census 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing people from all over.

”We all have to pivot to do digital outreach and recruit folks like me to be ambassadors to let folks know how important this is and also different outreach campaigns like today giving away food for the families,” Ma strongly urged. “It is very important (because) every person who is not counted will cost us $1,000 a person per month over the next 10 years. You can see how important it is right now. The federal government has proposed five stimulus acts. And the money we get for California is based on how many people are counted.”

Ma appealed for all in the community to go to official Census 2020 website to register and answer for merely two minutes some nine simple questions to keep all the important programs and services here for California that practically cover everything that happens in school, parks, public safety and social services for seniors.

Have you filled out your #2020Census? If not, visit today and view a breakdown of each question you’ll be asked.
Remember, the Census will never ask about your citizenship status or for your social security number, bank details, payment, or a donation. Remind your friends and family to #BeCounted for our future. Complete your Census today! #ICount #CaliforniaForAll

Ma admitted that this year’s Census are a little bit lower than the last time 10 years ago and they are intensifying the drive even further make sure to, among others, reach about 11 million Californians that are hard to count.  Many are in the Asian community because either they don’t understand they are not in social media, they are working (and unaware of the Census) or they might not trust government.

“This is for real. So, it so important that all of you and all of us get the message out. Please, this is the real thing. There is a very big social media campaign also on radio, television. They are combining with community organizations to get information out like today you distributed census flyers. So, through social media and community organizations you can register one family per household as of April 1 and deadline is August 21, 2020 although an extension of until October 31, 2020 Halloween is likely,” Ma appealed.