Daniel’s relationship with Kathryn is more secure and tight now


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In his recent guesting in the top-rating late-night showbiz gabfest “Tonight with Boy Abunda”, Daniel Padilla admitted that he really felt scared when he was physically separated from girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo when sheew to Hongkong to shoot the lm “Hello Love,Goodbye” opposite Alden Richards.

“I won’t deny that the situation was kind of new to me,” he said. “She was away for a month.I found it di cult that we’re not physicallytogether during those times. I guess that’s just but natural since we’ve been working for eightstraight years together. Both on and o -cam, wewere together. Then, all of a sudden, she wouldbe away that long?”

The popular heart throb knew that it was all about work.

Photo: Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo (Daniel Padilla Official Instagram Page)

“Oh, yes! I’m aware that the reason for our temporary separation is that she’s going to do a movie. But the theme is about love! Of course, on my part being a guy, your reactionwill be, ‘Oh, my! She will have a di erentpartner. And it’s in a far place!’ So, there’s some fear there. What I did was to make a surprise visit on their set.”

Now it can be asked if he truly got jealous of Alden.

“Jealous? I think that’s a shallow term. Actually, it’s not envy or what. It’s more of it’s a different feeling you just experienced for the first time.”

Having gone through such experience has brought about positive things in their relationship.

“Definitely, Kathryn and I were put to test. The good thing is, our relationship became more secure and tight. When she left, my life reached its low point. Actually, I can say, it was the dark times of my life. I just couldn’t say that it was just okay.”

“As I’ve mentioned earlier, it was different. Sometimes, I’m in the bathroom and I would stay there for hours. I just couldn’t explain the source of all the pain I felt when I got separated from Kathryn during that period. What’s clear is the love I have for her!”

“It’s just that sometimes, you’ll think, ‘What’s happening there?’ It’s not that I’m thinking unpleasant about Alden. It’s not that. As I repeatedly say, the situation is just different. And I just couldn’t call Kathryn any time I want. They’re shooting. So, I could only talk to her in the morning and evening. In between those times that there’s no Kathryn to talk to, what will I do?” Daniel revealed.

Interestingly, does he already plan to marry Kathryn given the strong love they share?
“I guess it’s not yet the right time. For one, I still need to save for that momentous event in our lives. My savings is not yet enough at this point. Marriage is something that you have to work on and prepare for seriously.

“Of course, when that time comes, I want everything to be perfectly settled and relaxed already. You’re building your own family. I don’t want to have kids when I’m already old. Kids in the future? I guess two or three will be great.”

How about his dream wedding with Kathryn?

“Oh, I would love to hold it in the beach. It would be a celebration of friendship and love,” Daniel ended.