Story by Sam Tolosa, photos by R. Mascardo

OAKLAND — It may not have been exactly how the Raiders wanted it but they were able to hold off the winless Cincinnati Bengals for a 17-10 win.

The score shouldn’t have been that close and it could’ve easily gone the other way if the Bengals didn’t have such a lousy offense.

The Bengals kept the momentum going in the running game, continuing on a strong performance from last week.

Joe Mixon carried the ball 15 times and gained 83 yards and a touchdown. Ryan

Finley did not do as well. He only completed 13 out of 31 passes for 115 yards and one interception.

Photos by R. Mascardo

The Bengals and the Raiders exchanged fumbles early in the first quarter, which set the Bengals up with an explosive 30-run from Mixon.

Finley drove the ball down the field and extended the drive with an 18-yard pass to Tyler Eifert on fourth and three.

The Bengals got all the way down to the goal and Mixon made a touchdown.

On the Raiders’ first drive in the fourth quarter. Derek Carr found Waller for a 32-yard gain, which was followed by a 15-yard run from Josh Jacobs.

The Raiders were quickly in the red zone but couldn’t get the ball into the end zone over the next six plays.

Carlson came in and kicked a 20-yard field goal.

The Bengals still trailed by a single score, down 17-10 with 9:12 left in the game.

The Bengals’ last opportunity to win came with 1:54 in the fourth quarter but Finley threw an interception to seal the game.

The Bengals dropped to 0-10 after losing the game in Oakland.

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