Will JakBie realize which love is real in Wagas?

Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto (Photo: GMA Network)

Will the long wait be over for Yummy (Barbie Forteza) and Eugene (Jak Roberto) that they will finally find their way to each other’s hearts or will Sandie (Ashley Ortega) and Cedrick (Kristoffer Martin) keep the two away from their happy ending?

Viewers are excited to find out the answers to these questions as “Wagas: Wait Lang…Is this Love?” airs its finale this week.

Sandie is fuming after discovering that Cedrick has already developed true feelings for Yummy.

To get her revenge, Sandie reveals everything—from the original plan to have Yummy fall for Cedrick so that they can sabotage Walang Kapares to the fact that everything was orchestrated by Rex (Rey PJ Abellana).

Yummy and her aunts, Tita Gloria (Yayo Aguila) and Tita Sonya (Tina Paner), cannot believe that they played right into the hands of Rex. What’s worse is that Tita Gloria and Tita Sonya even had misunderstandings before because of Rex.

It seems Walang Kapares is facing more problems. One customer complains that a cockroach is supposedly in the bowl of pares that has been served.

The bad news does not end here. Walang Kapares catches fire and Yummy’s life is put in danger.

Will Yummy get to turn their lives around or will another misfortune befall her?

With all these devastating news, Eugene is quick to be right by Yummy’s side. Will he finally get his chance to win Yummy’s heart and will Yummy realize what real love is?

Don’t miss the thrilling ending of “Wagas: Wait Lang…Is this Love?” this week, before Eat Bulaga on GMA-7.