Delve into a hidden gem of the coffee industry with San Diego-based roaster Mostra Coffee– winner of Roast Magazine’s Micro Coffee Roaster of the Year Award for 2020!

Known for not only roasting coffees of superior quality, Mostra is also helping put the coffee industry of the Philippines on the map– an act driven in honor of their Filipino heritage and as a way to bring jobs to poverty stricken regions.

“We dreamt up this company and wanted our Filipino culture to be a part of it, but we didn’t know anything about coffee or where to begin to source Philippine coffee,” said co-founder Jelynn Malone. “ All we had was a dream to give back and help people. It’s been incredibly emotional and magical to see these dreams come to fruition and be awarded 2020 Micro Roaster of the Year.”

Mostra Coffee was launched by a team of four Filipino American friends– Jelynn Malone, Beverly Magtanong, Sam Magtanong, and Mike Arquines– in 2013. Since then, they’ve established direct-trade relationships with coffee farmers in the Philippines, to help increase their economic opportunities.

In addition to their humanitarian work, Mostra strives to create an experience with every drink. The name “Mostra” is the Italian word for “show”, “exhibition” or “performance.”

Mostra’s “English Industrial” inspired cafe houses the only MAVAM espresso machine in San Diego. It’s built into a lower bar-top to facilitate a more engaging and visually immersive customer experience of the brewing process. One of their most popular drinks on the menu is the Bibingka Creme Brulee Latte, inspired by one of their favorite Filipino desserts.

They’re also known for their signature series of cold brews like the ‘Choco-Nana’ and ‘One Bra-zillion Coconuts’.

Mostra has also been recognized for their innovative partnering with craft breweries to create over 600 coffee beer collaborations, including the seasonal release of Xocoveza Mocha Stout from the iconic Stone Brewing Company. “The beer we create together is out of this world redolent with flavors of vanilla, pasilla peppers, cinnamon and chocolate mingling just beautifully with Mostra Coffee,” said Greg Koch, Stone Brewing executive chairman and co-founder. “Understanding Mostra’s commitment to sustainability, innovation and collaboration makes it even better. Cheers to the team on a well-deserved award!”

For more ways to sip, fans of Mostra should keep their eyes peeled for a new location set to open in San Diego at the end of the year.