By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Talks are rife that Jessy Mendiola is no longer with Star Magic. The lovely star’s beau Luis Manzano confirms the report.

“Yes, I don’t think she’s still under Star Magic. But I guess that issue on switching management is for Jessy’s camp to answer—if it’s really true or not,” he avers.

There are speculations that Jessy allegedly moved to Viva Entertainment where his manager June Rufino is an executive.

“If she’s a Viva contract artist now? It’s best if you will ask Jessy about it. At least, it will come directly from the horse’s mouth, right?”

Many are curious to know if his lady love asked advice from him regarding her decision to leave Star Magic.

“Yes, I won’t deny she sought advice from me. Personally, I didn’t influence her to arrive at such decision. It was her call. She has her own career and own decision to make!”

Meanwhile, their relationship is running on its third year and is going stronger. What’s the secret behind?

“Actually, I’m really content with how our relationship is going at present. We’re very happy. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go abroad for a quick vacation before the year ends. It’s part of our plan as a form of relaxation.

“Perhaps, what could be one secret why we are able to sustain our relationship to its present level is the fact that we don’t really mind what other people are saying or commenting. For Jessy and I, our relationship is just for the two of us. I guess that’s the most important thing. We’re already in showbiz so we don’t want to exaggerate what’s happening between us. Yes, people know that we’re together but we don’t overly flaunt it!”

Many ask as to when he’ll finally propose to Jessy for them to be officially engaged.

“Well, when it comes to that, let’s just wait and see. If it’s going to happen, then so be it.

That’s our take on that. We don’t want to rush things.”

Interestingly, Jessy is sporting a new hairstyle at present. From being blonde, she cut her hair short which many think suits her.

“Truth is, she let me see it beforehand. I told her it will suit her perfectly. When I saw her in her new hairstyle, I was amazed. I really loved it. One thing with Jessy, whatever she does with her hair, from the cut to the color, it suits her,” ends Luis.