The Immigration Institute of the Bay Area (formerly International Institute of the Bay Area) denounces the recent announcement by the Trump administration to expand expedited removal. This announcement serves to allow ICE to now detain someone they approach if they are unable to immediately provide them with proof of legal status or proof they have maintained “continuous presence” in the US for the past two years.

This administration’s actions shred the notion of due process. ICE is now effectively empowered to act as prosecutor, judge and jury with the power to place individuals in detention and subsequent deportation without having their day in court.

These actions are intended to terrorize individuals of color. Legal Permanent Residents (LPRS), U.S. citizens, and others with status could also be victims of ICE actions.

IIBA will remain steadfast in the fight to protect immigrants and in their longstanding commitment to social justice.

Founded in 1918, The Immigration Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) helps immigrants, refugees, and their families join and contribute to the community.

IIBA is the largest provider of immigration legal services in Northern California with eight offices in six counties. Because of IIBA’s services, more immigrant families obtain stable immigration status in the United States.