By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Martin Nievera revealed that he is supposed to do a movie opposite Maricel Soriano under Regal Entertainment, only the project got shelved.

“That’s right! It didn’t push through. I think Maricel got very busy with her current teleserye, ‘The General’s Daughter’ with Angel (Locsin). Perhaps, when she gets a break from her rigid taping schedule, that’s where things can start,” he avers.

Does he have any regret with this development?

“Not really. I mean, I understand she’s very busy. The same goes for me. But it’s flattering that there’s a good project like that for me and Maricel. For one, I have a good role as her love interest.”

Is there any possibility that the project will still push through eventually?

“Yes! Why not? Let’s see. As I’ve said, it’s a nice material. The script is good plus the director would be Joey Reyes. I love my role as the usual ‘’balikbayan’ who’s good-looking, rich and is not fluent in speaking Tagalog. I just hope it pushes through!”

Asked if he missed acting, the Concert King jokingly answers:

“Not really!” he says. “Nobody likes my acting anyway. Even before.

So, the more I stay away from the movies, its lifespan will prolong. Ha-ha-ha!”

Speaking of acting, Martin did a cameo role in the currently showing potboiler “Feelenial” starring Ai Ai delas Alas and Bayani Agbayani.

This is produced by DSL Productions, owned by his former wife Pops Fernandez.

“Yes, it’s my way of showing my support to her latest venture into movie production. Of course, I can’t say no. It’s a cute part actually. I had one day of shooting. Let’s see if I will have a comeback in her next project!”

What did he feel when he learned he’d have a guest appearance in the comedy flick?

“Honestly, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to do at first. Pops just told me that we’d have a shooting in Nuvali and that I had to be in hood and jeans. So, I had no idea what my role is until I got there.”

Interestingly, did he have talent fee for his appearance in the film?

“Absolutely, there’s none. And if I charge, it would be even worse for me, I think. Ha-ha-ha! I wouldn’t be invited for Christmas dinner anymore. But seriously, I didn’t have TF for that.”

His sons are also part of the movie.

“Behind the scenes, yes! Robin did the scoring which is his first time while Ram was involved in that part where there’s animation. So, it’s a family thing as you can see.”

Martin is excited with Pops’ newest venture into film production.

“Most definitely! This is the start of many good things for her DSL Productions.”

Any future concert with his former wife?

“We’re going on tour again, this time, in the United States. Then, a Valentine show is being planned. It has become a tradition that every heart’s day, Pops and I hold a concert,” ends Martin.