UC Davis FilAm professor’s book pays homage to The Far Side


SACRAMENTO – Early this year, the 112-page book Incompatibles by FilAm UC Davis Graphic Design Professor Mario Estioko was published by Havenburst Press and printed on Amazon at (http://www.amazon.com/Incompatibles-first-100-Mario-Estioko/dp/0692543104/). In the fall of 2015, Prof. Estioko successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Indie-printing of the first 100 Incompatibles in full-color – it’s essentially a feature about things that don’t go together.

In an interview with FilAm Star, author Estioko reiterated Amazon.com’s description of his book as: “the first 100 panels in chronological order, in all their quirky splendor and glory” of things that just don’t go together.

In his review, Anthony Leno said, “It would be easy to compare Mario’s Incompatibles to the legendary classic strip Far Side. The humor, the single panel format, and the style of art all seem to pay homage to the comic strip most of us loved growing up. The difference is that Mario infuses this with his own sense of humor and style and gives it a voice of his own. Hilarious mash-ups and verbal puns keep you flipping the pages, looking for more. I enjoyed every page and can’t wait for ‘The Next 100’.”

From William Mead,”… I was immediately impressed with the quality of the printing and binding of the book. The cartoons are beautifully rendered and very funny. I have caught everyone in my house giggling their way through it. This is a lovingly and carefully crafted unique product – strongly recommended!”

An Amazon customer said, “I am incredibly entertained by the humor and wit in the Incompatibles. The quality of the drawings are top notch and Mario wields a mighty pen. It is not often I laugh so much in a series of cartoons like this. Many of the cartoon series out there seem to ebb and flow and have highs and lows in hitting the mark on the humor, Incompatibles makes me laugh through every single panel in the book. I highly recommend this humorous romp from cover to cover and I look forward to the next series of Incompatibles cartoons. Do not hesitate to throw a few shillings out for this nugget as it is worth its weight in gold.”

Rudy C., on the other hand said, “Remember when you were a kid and your dad or mom would hand you the Sunday Comics page? I would go straight to Gary Larson’s The Far Side. The witty, and sometimes twisted sense of humor, would always crack me up. Well, Mario Estioko has managed to capture something very similar to that in his single-panel cartoons. Be prepared to laugh, shake your head and roll your eyes at every silly panel. You’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of some of these. But what will really having you laughing is the great artwork… I love how he has included pages of his pencil sketches throughout the book. Incompatibles makes for a perfect coffee table book, one that you’ll keep browsing over and over.”

This one from Lyle Schofield is interesting! “Warning!!! Please do not try to read this while standing, moving, eating or drinking. Any attempt to perform said activities while reading will result in pain or injury to the foolish party. You will be overcome by fits of laughter and joy: Knees will buckle, waists will bend, eyes will squint and water, hyperventilation and, potentially, convulsions of ecstasy. Trust me, you won’t be able to overcome the hilarity of this collection. So take it slow and, please, don’t try to do anything else when reading it.”

As for MVil29, “This book is beautifully illustrated in a way that is rare nowadays. The author is a fantastic artist and his illustrations are matched by the incredibly humorous puns and the contrast between things that definitely do NOT go together (hence the title). I have this book on display at home and it always delights my guests. Some have even asked to borrow it, and I was happy to let them.

If you’re a fan of The Far Side this is definitely for you! And if not, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll love it anyway!”

Another Amazon customer said, “Incompatibles is full of entertaining, quick-witted, and clever comics. Keep this book handy in case of emergencies: i.e. having a case of the ‘Mondays’, spilling your $7 coffee, or suffering a paper jam in the ancient printer at work. It will turn your frown upside down with its humorous characters and vibrant illustrations. I enjoyed sharing it with my two sons, and watching them chuckle to themselves. I highly recommend Incompatibles and I cannot wait for the next 100 panels!”

L. Downey said, “… Having previously seen some of his strips on Facebook, I was looking for more. So glad this Project got the support it deserves, once it arrived I was not disappointed. Now I can’t wait for the next 100. Very funny and creative with amazing illustrations that really put you in the setting. Everyone should have a copy on their coffee table. Job well done Mario J. Estioko!”

Aside from being a UC Davis professor, Estioko also moonlights as a web cartoonist. He writes and draws a weekly single-panel cartoon entitled Incompatibles.

He received endorsements from cartoon luminaries such as Brian Crane (creator of Pickles – he penned the foreword for the book), Leigh Rubin (creator of Rubes), and Jessica Ruskin (educational Director at the Charles M. Schulz Museum). (Elpidio Estioko)