Maja knows the pressure of playing “Darna”


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After Liza Soberano decided to quit from the big screen remake of “Darna” due to her injured finger, people started to ask who’s going to be a good replacement. Many names cropped up and one of those is Maja Salvador. Considering her Pinay features and considerable acting talent, many say she’s fit to breathe life to the iconic super heroine.

The pretty lass has mixed reactions regarding this.

“Of course, it’s flattering to be considered for the role,” she avers. “I’m happy that there are a great number of people who want me to portray ‘Darna.’ Actually, I was surprised when news of Liza’s withdrawal from the project came out. I was lying in bed when I checked my social media account and I found out I was trending. I wondered why and it was because of ‘Darna.’

“I opted to keep quiet then. I didn’t want to be in the headlines. For one, Liza is like my baby sister. I love her. It’s my respect to her.

“For sure, it pains her backing out from the project. I know that she wanted to play ‘Darna’ not only because it’s one iconic character but more importantly, for her supporters. They have been waiting for it all this time. But there are things which should be considered first, like in this case, Liza’s injury which could affect her portrayal if ever, right?”

Apart from this, Maja understands that playing ‘Darna’ on screen entails lots of challenges.

“The pressure is there definitely. It’s a gargantuan task considering that Angel Locsin was the original choice, then Liza. Anyone who will be chosen to play the part won’t find it easy.

So if you’re going to ask me now if I will accept the offer, I can’t give an answer yet. There are lots of factors to consider!”

Meanwhile, the talented Kapamilya is very proud of her latest accolade: the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) has just named her its Dance Ambassador.

“It’s really a huge honor since it’s the first time that they have a Dance Ambassador. After my stint with ‘World of Dance Philippines’ comes this recognition. It’s a nice feeling that many trust and recognize my dancing skills. I value it highly!”

Speaking of ‘World of Dance Philippines’, Maja relates that there were those who questioned her being picked as one of the show’s main judges.

“I know that I can’t please everybody. But I learned to take things positively. At first, many questioned my credibility. It was like a roller coaster ride for me. What’s important is I enjoyed being a judge for that show. I became an instrument for the realization of the dreams of many of the participants. It’s a good feeling!”

It’s no secret that dancing played a big part in the development of her career.

“Oh yes! Before the viewers embraced my dramatic outings, they first loved me through my dancing prowess. Remember my participation in the soap ‘It Might Be You’ top-billed by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo? That’s where people first see me dance along with John Prats. After that, I’ve danced weekly for ‘ASAP’. Imagine, in the last sixteen years, every Sunday, I perform on said show,” ends Maja.