By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Arjo Atayde is now vocal in expressing his love for rumoured lady love Maine Mendoza.

“For one, she has been a very good example to me. You know, it took time to find myself in the entertainment industry. It’s hard to find yourself, somewhere to put yourself, somewhere in some spot in this industry.

“Perhaps, at this point, with the person who’s always with me, with my loved one, I’m super inspired. Right now, I know where I stand, I know my worth, I know who I am, I know what path I really want to take and what I really want to show them. Maine knows this,” he states.

Interestingly, how does he show his love for the popular lass?

“As much as possible, I spend quality time with her. I’m the clingy type. Her company is one thing I love so much. So, it’s always something I look forward to and very thankful for as well!”

Many are curious to know what kind of a lover he is.

“Well, admittedly, I’m old school. I go for the formal courtship stage. There’s nervousness all the time because it’s new. Especially when you face the family.

That’s what I exactly felt when I first met Maine’s family.”

Despite this, Arjo insists that he and Maine are still on the dating stage.

“Yes! For the record, that’s the status of our relationship. It’s still there. The fun thing about a relationship, especially on the part of the guy, you can’t stop courting. I guess that’s the secret.”

Photo: Maine Mendoza (Maine Mendoza Official Facebook Page)

Even the actor’s family approves of Maine. His grandmother for one is supportive of what he and Maine have at present.

“It’s his decision. When it comes to matters of the heart, you can’t meddle. To each his own, right? You just can’t tell your heart to stop loving someone. If Arjo is happy where he is, then we should be happy for him.

“Arjo is very dear to me. I took care of him when he was still a tot. So if you’re asking me if I approve of Maine, why not? I only wish for Arjo’s happiness,” Mrs. Pilar Atayde avers.

For Arjo’s younger sister Gela, she is certain that her brother is presently in love.

“He is super-duper happy. I’ve never really seen him this involved in a relationship. His aura shows that he’s very, very happy right now. Even our family noticed that he’s more cheerful than ever. Or when we talk about things, he appears to be very enthusiastic. With his present state, we’re just happy that he’s happy,” she reveals.