By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Putting an end to all speculations, Kathryn Bernardo declared that everything is okay between her and boyfriend Daniel Padilla.

“That’s right!” she avers. “I’m aware that of late, there are rumours circulating that we have called it quits. I don’t know where it came from but DJ and I are still very much okay. For the record, our relationship is solid. No break-up happened!”

The popular Kapamilya star decided to break her silence on the issue after receiving a lot of tweets regarding the issue.

“As I’ve said earlier, I wonder where the speculations emanated. Daniel and I are very happy at this point. Not because we’re not posting photos in our social media accounts in which we’re together, it means we’ve broken up. Perhaps, it’s already our privacy and choice what to post, right? So, fans need not worry because we’re very much together!”

Photo: Kathryn Bernardo and Danielle Padilla (KathNiel Facebook Page)

Earlier during her birthday celebration in ASAP, Daniel was there to personally greet her.

“Yes! Of course, I got touched by such gesture especially when he said that he’ll always be there to support, protect and take care of me.”

According to Kathryn, she just wants to achieve personal growth outside the KathNiel umbrella.

“That’s really my plan for this year. For me, 2019 is the most challenging. I want DJ and me to grow individually in our respective career. I guess, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s for our career’s durability in this field.

“For the longest time, we’re together in projects. Of course, I’m grateful for that because they turned out to be a success but it can’t be like that forever.

2019 is very challenging to the two of us because we’ll be doing separate vehicles. That will be good so that by the time we’ll have a reunion project in the coming days, I think, we’re more mature and more whole as a screen tandem.”

The charming lass opines that her upcoming film project with GMA-7 talent Alden Richards is a good start for her.

“I believe so. I took the risk and jumped to the next level. It’s one important decision that I made in my career.”

Kathryn says it didn’t happen in an overnight fashion.

“I thought about it for so many times. I asked for signs, asked friends for their opinion and mustered all the courage that I have before arriving to such decision.”

She assures that she’ll give the project her one hundred percent.

“Which should be the case I think. I accept this movie with Alden with open arms. It’s far from my comfort zone and I’m challenged to the hilt. I’m proud of myself because I decided to do this which is for my growth as an artist,” ends Kathryn.