By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After eight years being with Star Magic, Matteo Guidicelli is now a talent of Viva Artists Agency.

“That’s right!” he avers. “I just inked a contract with VAA and I’m excited with the good plans they have for me. I can’t wait to start on my maiden project for them!”

Many ask if his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo has something to do with his decision. The singer-actress has been Viva talent for 16 years already.

“Well, before 2018 ended, we’ve had several meetings with Star Magic. I also talked to Sarah and analyzed things. We felt like it’s high time that we’ll be in one boat together for our future. We both thought this is the best decision to make specially that we’re growing and getting older together. That’s the huge factor there.

“When I talked to Mr. Vic del Rosario, I liked the plans he has for my career.

That helped a lot for me to get convinced further. Sarah and I are happy with our mutual decision to be together in just one talent management. It’s something that we carefully thought of. We believe that this is the best place for us!”

Photo: Matteo Guidicelli (Matteo Guidicelli Official Facebook Page)

Despite this development though, the good-looking lad says he will always be grateful to his previous management.

“Of course, I owe them a lot! No matter what happens, the fact remains that I started my career with them. They were the ones who gave me the opportunity to get known by the public through my exposure to their various soap operas and other shows.I can still very well remember the year 2010 when Star Magic called me to inform that I’ll be one of the main cast members of ‘Agua Bendita.’

“From there, my showbiz career took off and for that, I’ll forever be thankful.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my gratitude to Star Magic for all their efforts. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. Leaving them wasn’t an easy decision, but it was something important to me as an individual.”

Now that they’re together in VAA, many of the fans ask if he and his lady love can now be possibly paired for a silver screen project.

“Hopefully, if there are nice opportunities and blessings that will come along, Sarah and I are not closing our doors. Why not, right? Being with her in one movie is such a great idea.”

How about a concert together?

“Well, that’s another nice idea. We’ll see with the management. But hopefully, if anything good comes along and we both like it, then go!”

This early, Matteo is super excited with his upcoming projects for Viva.

“Yes! I’ll soon start working on my new album to be produced by Viva Records. There are also film projects in the offing. I’m simply thrilled!”

Apart from Sarah, who among Viva’s roster of leading ladies does he want to share the screen with?

“I think, it will be great to collaborate with the likes of Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Yassi Pressman and Nadine Lustre, don’t you think so?” ends Matteo.