By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

According to Angel Locsin, there was one point in time when she was ready to leave show business. This she recently revealed while promoting her latest prime time soap for ABS-CBN after five years titled, “The General’s Daughter.” It emanated from her Instagram post at the start of the year in which she said in the caption: “2015 challenged me. 2016 broke me. 2017 changed me. 2018 opened my eyes. 2019 I’m coming back.”

“Actually, I’ve read that somewhere before. I just changed it a bit. Those five years were really testy for me. So many things happened during that period. When I posted that, I didn’t intend to refresh the memories but to show that I’m just human.

Photo: Angel Locsin (Angel Locsin Facebook Page)

“Of course, there would be moments when you’re down but you should always aim to get better. You can’t do anything anymore with what has already transpired. You shouldn’t burden yourself about it. You just have to think of the next logical step. In short, move on! That’s what I thought when I posted that,” avers Angel.

Although the pretty actress didn’t specifically mention what she’s gone through in those five years, people believed it had something to do with the tough times she faced then. It can be remembered that it was in 2015 when it was announced that she won’t be doing the movie “Darna” anymore due to her spinal problem. In 2016, she parted ways with long-time boyfriend Luis Manzano while in 2017, it was rumored that she was starting dating Neil Arce.

Photo: Angel Locsin (Angel Locsin Facebook Page)

When it comes to her latest soap opera, Angel believes it’s just right timing since she considered quitting the ‘biz at one point.

“That’s true! Maybe if this was offered to me before, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I felt I couldn’t. In fact, I already submitted my resignation letter then to the management of ABS-CBN. I felt I didn’t want to be part of the business anymore during that time.

“I felt I didn’t deserve the very nice treatment my mother studio was giving me because I couldn’t do my job as a talent. I felt I was like a huge disappointment. I’m paid but it appears I’m short-changing them. I thought resigning or retiring from the business was the most practical way to treat the problem. I was just thinking of attending to the farm I bought in Bulacan.”

It’s good her top bosses didn’t let her leave their stable.

“That’s right! I’m thankful I listened to their advice to give things one more chance. Then, their business units started pitching in projects to me. I realized at that point that if I’ll resign. These are the type of people I’ll miss—supportive and caring individuals.

“You will be motivated to work and give your best efforts. It’s a nice feeling when you work in a positive environment. You won’t have time to wallow on your problems. As I’ve pointed out earlier, move on. God gave you the chance to start anew. Make use of it.”

The award-winning star is a certified fighter.

“That’s me! I’ve been through a lot in the last few years but I didn’t give up,” she ends.