By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Many avid followers of the ABS-CBN daytime soap opera “Playhouse” notice that lately, the focus of the story has somewhat shifted to Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino (as Patty and Dr. Harold, respectively), leaving male lead Zanjoe Marudo on the side. To this, the latter explains:

“Undoubtedly, the CarGel tandem has helped boost the ratings of our program and for that, I’m grateful. It think it’s immaterial to create a big fuss about it since from the very start, all of us in the cast already knew what would happen in the story. It’s all part of the plan.

“You know, because of such development, our set has become happier. As the old adage goes, the more, the merrier, right? And it’s a good thing that Carlo is our friend so everything’s light and easy. The program became better and has become more challenging for all of us.”

Photo: Angelica Panganiban and Zanjoe Marudo (

Zanjoe notes that it’s definitely an honor to be paired with Angelica whom he really likes to work with ever since.

“It’s our maiden team-up and the reason why we clicked on screen is because we’re already comfortable with each other even before taping commenced. It helped that we’re already good friends. That way, work became easier. I’m really proud with our on screen chemistry and I’m glad that we were able to do ‘Playhouse’ this year!”

Photo: Zanjoe Marudo and Angelica Panganiban. (Zanjoe Marudo Official Facebook Page)

The appealing Kapamilya admits that he really enjoys doing the soap due to its familial theme.

“That’s true! The theme is universal and many can relate to it. We’re happy that we are able to touch the hearts of the viewers. Personally, I want to do teleseryes like this where people can somehow see themselves in the characters we portray. I’m grateful to be part of the cast and is proud of the bond we’ve established. It reflects on our on screen performances, so it’s double the fun as they say.”

Meanwhile, it’s public knowledge that he and Bea Alonzo have parted ways on good fate.

Their friendship remained and one proof of this is Zanjoe’s openness to doing a project with his former flame.

“Yes, if given the chance, why not? Despite our failed relationship, we were able to keep our friendship intact. I would still love to share the screen with her. Who would refuse to work with a good actress like her? It would definitely be nice if we’ll be able to star in a potboiler soon.”

As the year is about to end, Zanjoe is thankful with how his career went this 2018.

“Oh yes! It’s been fruitful. I’ve been with ABS-CBN for a considerable length of time already and it’s great that they continue to give me challenging projects up to now.”

What are his goals for 2019?

“Honestly, I’m still not thinking of what will happen to my career next year. As of now, I just want to enjoy the closing of the present year. I want it to end that I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished,” ends Zanjoe.