ABS-CBN AVP for Global Anti-Piracy Elisha Lawrence shared this letter from Sara Rich, the principal of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. It was a simple inquiry phone call by Lawrence to Rich that began this Christmas tradition of ABS-CBN employees.

Photo: ABS-CBN North and Latin America (NOLA) Managing Director Jun Del Rosario addresses the students, their parents and faculty at the annual Christmas concert of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School of Daly City, a school neighbor of ABS-CBN International (NOLA) headquarters. Joining him are ABS-CBN Global executives, officers of ABS-CBN Foundation International, and volunteer employees of ABS-CBN. (Courtesy of ABS-CBN)

Dearest ABS-CBN Family,
Yesterday, you made something amazing happen and truly encompassed the Christmas spirit!

Over 125 students received gifts for themselves and their families. You gave toys, fulfilled family needs, and just provided a constant flow of love! You made Christmas possible for so many of our families and truly spread JOY. Families skipped off campus with your gifts and felt seen and valued.

We had one Filipino family who has missed lots of work due to their child’s chronic illness and because of your kindness, their family will be able to fully celebrate Christmas with gifts under their tree.

We have one family who just arrived from Honduras. They traveled through a dentation center where the mother and son were separated. They are now living in a home with two other families. The first week of school was incredibly hard for this child as he was unsure if his mother would return. Again, because of your outpouring of love, their tree is filled with gifts and love.

Last year you adopted around 100 families and this year from the start, you said we want and can do more! You did more and kept doing more! When two more families asked if they could join after the deadline, you said YES! Up until your team delivered the gifts you were buying more gifts and wrapping the gifts.

Our school community is constantly amazed at the love, support, and kindness you bestow on our school, our community, and our kids! We are grateful for our partnership! You rebuilt our faith in community and what Christmas love looks like and feels like! We wish you all a holiday filled with family, friends, and joy just as you shared with us!

Lots of love!
Sara Rich