The Pangasinan Presidents Club (PPC) USA, Club held their 2nd Inaugural Banquet and Ball as well as the Induction of newly elected Officers and members last Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Best Western/Grosvenor Hotel in South San Francisco, California.

The former Executive Chairman, Fred Almeron, thanked his fellow charter members and all who served during the last 2 years. “ I leave with a sense of accomplishment for the work we have done”. Also, in his message, he congratulated the newly elected officers, “I am convinced that your leadership will bring great strength to the organizations. Let our membership join and continue their loyalty with vigor, enthusiasm and dedication. So that together, we will work to achieve PPC’s objective of promoting the unification of all leaders.

Thus, unity is the strength”. Almeron added.

Congratulations to the newly inducted Charter officers : Rod T. Andres, Executive Chairman; Jose Pepe Rosario, Executive Vice Chairman; Evelyn B. Ramirez, Executive Secretary ; Marita Padilla, Treasurer; Lito A. Lavarias, Assistant Treasurer ; Bernard P. Valdez, Auditor; Emma F. Torres, Assistant Auditor; Bob B. Baltazar, Regulatory Board Chairman; and Alvin R. Padilla, Regulatory Board Vice Chairman.

Former Mayor of Milpitas, Jose Esteves inducted the newly elected officers. “ I salute the outgoing and Incoming Executive Chairman for the outstanding leadership that they have demonstrated in their club since inception to the present.,he said.

The incoming Executive Chairman, Rod Andres was indeed honor and privilege to serve in his capacity and to the best of his ability to everything he can do in order to fulfill the objectives and goals of the organizations. He also asked the full support and cooperation of everyone.” I cannot do it alone without your involvement, he said.

The event was attended by officers, members and guests and hosted by Mr Frederick Notario and Mrs Merle Rabelas.