By Elpidio R. Estioko / Photos by Erlinda Fortes

Milpitas, CA – Re-elected Milpitas Mayor Richard “Rich” Tran was sworn into office last Tuesday, December 18 at the Milpitas City Hall by 5th Mayor of Milpitas Denny Westerberg.

In his very emotional 25-minute speech, Tran narrated his and the Council’s accomplishments for the past two years, but what touched the audience most was his honest acceptance that he was not perfect and made mistakes in the past in running the reigns of the city government. “It’s been an honor to have my hometown give me this opportunity because I haven’t been perfect and I have made mistakes, but I always gave my heart. And I’ve always loved each person in Milpitas,” he said.

He broke in tears when he narrated that being born in poverty and how his mom struggled working three jobs to support their family, many people took him in and supported him. “It was this community that was my safety net. It was the families who took me in that I am thankful of…,” he explained.

Among the accomplishments he cited were setting aside a 15% affordable housing; opening the Sports Center fields to public use; completing successful collective bargaining agreements (with Police, Public Works, and Fire departments); stricter massage parlor regulations; providing the permit parking program in the Pines; and youth and adult skate park.

After Tran’s swearing in came the swearing into office of the other members of the city council who won in the November 6 elections. Councilmember-elect Karina Dominguez was sworn in by her daughter Larissa Samprath while former Vice Mayor and councilmember-elect Carmen Montano was sworn in by Judge Katherine Lucero.

Photo: Councilmember-Elect Karina Dominguez was sworn in by her daughter Larissa Samprath. (Photos by Erlinda Fortes)
Photo: Former Vice Mayor and councilmember-Elect Carmen Montano was sworn in by Judge Katherine Lucero.
(Photos by Erlinda Fortes)

Dominguez thanked all her family, her supporters and her community in her acceptance speech. “I ran for office to make bold decisions and to make policy that will help a better tomorrow for our generations. I ran for office to stand for the most vulnerable in our community. I ran for office to unite our community and move Milpitas forward… I want to close the same way I began this journey in a grassroots collaborative movement that made history in Milpitas… we did it together,” Dominguez said.

She also is looking forward to supporting the efforts to keep the city safe, to bring in more affordable housing, and to make Milpitas a place for business and small business owners to thrive.

In their first regular session after the swearing ceremonies, Dominguez was voted upon unanimously by the members of the new city council as the city’s vice mayor.

Montano, on the other hand said, “Every decision I make, I will think of our families, our future generations, and how it will impact them for years to come. I promise, as I stand before you that I’m here to ensure that the city of Milpitas will be the best place to raise a family, live, work, and visit, not just to a few but for all!”

Her goals for her 4-year term will focus on affordable housing, streets and traffic, transparency, and fiscal responsibility and accountability.


Some parts of the contents story was taken from Milpitas Beats story of the same event.