Reunions usher unity everywhere


As I See It

As always, many believe it is hard to organize graduates of educational institutions and form a potent group that will achieve common goals for the benefit of the school.

This is not true with a group of graduates from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and the former Philippine College of Commerce (PCC) living in Southern California known as the PUP/PCC Alumni USA.

They are aware that the alumni factor has always been a rallying point that keeps us going back to our Alma Mater regardless of time past, so they are capitalizing on this factor to continue organizing and existing as a non-profit organization. They are also aware that is the key towards contributing funds for school improvement and projects too. It is also the factor for us to see/meet and mingle with our old friend’s way back in high school and college.

Most high school and college reunions and homecomings are very successful because of the alumni factor that keeps everybody coming back and making them a part of every activity. The memory lane is always a hit feature in gatherings like this.

This is also the reason why we have to go back to where we were 25, 35, and 50 years ago: to be a part of the past, the present and the future of our school and to reminisce memories and rekindle relationships and friendships. Lately, the Urdaneta Community High School (UCHS) Batch ’65 graduates held their week-long Golden Jubilee celebration last November-December at their alma mater in Urdaneta, Pangasinan with Batch ’65 President Ruben Dulay, and other officers such as Bien Cordingley, Gilda Doot Nickel, Mely Parayno, Judina Quiming, Feliciana Sarga, Delfin Domagas, Cris Ramirez, Atty. Mario Bravo, Catalino Collado, Obet Barrientos, to mention a few.

The alumni group here in the US is sponsoring the 1st PUP Global Reunion in Las Vegas on May 27-30, 2016. The 4-day alumni spirit-themed activities will be held at The Orleans, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada. The Meet and Greet portion will be on Friday, May 27; the gala night on Saturday, May 28; and other activities on the last two days.

For those who are planning to attend, you can get in touch with the following USA contacts: Oscar Jornacion – tel. 323-333-7913, email: [email protected]; Loi Herrera – tel. 562-544-8210, email: [email protected]; and Rudolfo “Val” Brillantes, tel. 1(213) 891-0700, 310-987-5107, email: [email protected] Expect4ed to attend are former Economics and Politics Dean Dr. Manny Dannug and former CLMC Prof. and Public Affairs Director Elpidio R. Estioko.

The organizing committee will likewise confer awards to outstanding alumni of PCC and PUP.

Meanwhile, the Estioko clan (descendants up to the 4th generation of the late Vice Mayor of Urdaneta Marciano B. Estioko, Sr. and Leonor Reasonda Estioko) has scheduled a mini-reunion on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at the Community Recreation Center (CRC), 969 Kiely Blvd., Santa Clara, and CA95051.

The reunion will also recall the 25th death anniversary of Dra. Felicidad Estioko- Talon who lived in Ontario, Canada until her death. Children Mary Jane Estioko- Talon and Paul Estioko-Talon, both from Canada, will be attending the family reunion. They will be joined by daughters of the late Arch Quintin R. Estioko, Dra. Leora Jean Estioko-Mangubat, Juji Estioko-Delos Trino, and Dina Estioko-Tan, all residing in Melbourne, Australia. Ma. Edelgrace Estioko-Malapitan and her husband Eric from Sydney, Australia are also contemplating to attend the reunion.

Part of the organizing committee are: Marciano & Rosie Estioko; Orlando & Sharon Estioko; Romulo & Ermina Estioko; Elpidio & Delia Estioko; and Leo & Amy Estioko.

The last reunion was about 20 years ago in Bakersfield, although there was a mini-reunion held two years ago at the Cataldi Park in San Jose when a brother from Canada (Mar R. Estioko with his wife Jell and daughter Valerie) visited us here, and the clan deemed it necessary to meet again as the Canadians and Aussies are coming to town to celebrate the 25th death anniversary of the late Dra. Felicidad Estioko-Talon. This is one way of renewing family relationships and strengthening the family as a unit of society.

As we constantly practice renewing our family ties through family gatherings, social meetings, homecomings, and other fund raising activities such as bingo socials and the like, we continue advocating reunions as a potent factor in reuniting school mates and family members (blood family or nuclear family).

In my previous column, I mentioned that whatever happens, the family serves as the conduit in every success, the bridge in coping up with stress and failures, the medium in sharing memories, the glue in overcoming difficulties, the catalyst in pushing projects, and the support in addressing concerns.

I likewise emphasized that: Blood family, nuclear family, extended family… name it, family matters in all aspects of life. Knowing its importance as a unit and its potential in shaping society… the family needs to be strengthened, it has to be renewed, it must be nurtured, and it needs constant reaffirmation of affection and caring for one another. I see all the potentials and capabilities of a family as a catalyst of change, not only for the immediate family but also to the extended family, or any type of family for that matter in particular and the whole society in general.

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