Now, it’s Duterte vs. Trillanes


The word war between Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Antonio Trillanes escalated after the latter vowed to ensure that the Mayor will not become president because he is a “psycho.”

Trillanes earlier warned that the tough-talking Mayor would be a “very dangerous president.”

Within the next few days Trillanes, said Duterte, would be exposed as a fraud.

Trillanes drew the ire of Duterte after the Senator alleged how the Davao Mayor mercilessly killed people.

In an earlier radio interview, Trillanes said the standard bearer of PDP-Laban told him he ordered a man to kneel down then shot him in the head. Duterte even boasted the brains of the man splattered on the ground after he shot him.

But Duterte assailed Trillanes for his expose` and called him an idiot. He accused the Senator of just making noise so that he would be in the news to boost his chances of winning.

Duterte said he does not know Trillanes personally. They only met when Trillanes asked him to be his running mate and Trillanes got mad at him when he rejected him.

“We only had a photo opportunity together and he asked me if he could be my vice president. I told him, ‘Don’t get mad at me because you are not deserving.’ The (SOB) staged a coup d’etat, damaged a hotel and he is telling the world about it. Now he is even boasting,” said Duterte.

Trillanes, however, maintained his revelation, saying he talked to Duterte during a meeting set up by a common friend last year. He also debunked the claim that he got mad at Duterte after his offer to be his running mate was rejected.

“He’s a liar. If he had told me that, I would have hit him right there. Our lengthy conversation went well and he even commended me for my public service,” stressed Trillanes who emailed reporters his photo with Duterte after that meeting.

The senator explained, “Since I am a candidate for vice-president, I was shopping around for a principal also as a prelude to the decision of the (Magdalo group).” When they talked, Duterte directly told Trillanes he won’t run for president, and Trillanes took his word for it.

He said they talked a lot, and looking back, he thought that they cannot really be together because of his close affiliation with the communists.

“I didn’t know that before I talked to him. We had our profiling of Duterte later.”

Trillanes also said Duterte is not fit to be president; more of an entertainer who can do stand-up comedy.

He explained. “Before, he made a drama on whether he would run or not. And then he cursed the Pope. When many were disgusted, his survey rating declined. He was quiet for sometime and his ranking went up again.”

“But then, he made people laugh in the second presidential debate. He did a stand-up comedy act that endeared him to the people. Then they thought he was okay,” said Trillanes.

“Just imagine if (Duterte) can do these as Mayor, what can he do as president,” Trillanes cautioned those supporting Duterte.

“The other possibility is that (Duterte) is just fooling us. He’s just making up stories to build himself up,” said Trillanes.

Duterte’s quarrels with the governments of Australia and the United States are well publicized.

Duterte has also been at odds wifh Vice-president Jejomar Binay and retired Bishop Teodoro Bacani.

The Mayor slammed the Vice-president for calling him “abnormal.” Duterte said Binay is the one who is “abnormal” because he is a thief and has infected his wife and children.

Binay earlier urged Duterte to have himself checked by a psychiatrist in Makati, where the test can be taken for free, because the stress of the campaign seems to have greatly affected him.

Duterte described Bacani as a bad example to priests because he keeps a mistress despite bring married. Bacani appealed to El Shaddai members not to vote for Duterte. (SWCA)