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Q: I keep helping my relatives in the Philippines and keep sending money every time they ask. Now I am having difficulties paying the debts incurred to help them. can you help me?

A: This time of year is the time when most of your relatives in the Philippines will have a hand in your pocket. I know, because I have some relatives who are asking me for money. The fact is I cannot help everyone. And even if I did, I cannot make everyone happy enough with what I can give them. It will never be enough.

This is the case with our kapwa Filipinos both in the US and Canada. Even the one’s working the Middle East are subject to never ending cries for money. And why is that? Easy! You are working overseas, making US Dollars, so you must be doing well. Well enough to share the bounties of your hard work to the unlucky relatives and friends. Sad to say, this will always be the case. Some of our relatives and friends are content with what they have in the Philippines. Always expecting charity from the ones working overseas. And if you are the one working overseas, you want to start dodging phone calls from the Philippines knowing the reason they are calling is to ask for money. It seems endless. Every month it seems they find a new excuse to ask for money. Sometimes I have to take money out from my credit card to send to them. And now I am having a hard time paying the credit cards.

I have to tell you, you need to learn from this mistake. You also need to learn how to say “No”. If you have to borrow the money that you have to send to your relatives or friends, that only means you don’t have the money. So why would it be difficult to say no? You really don’t have the money. You are not lying.

It is how we see things that make us all different from each other. In your case, simply saying no would be easier. Think about what you have done to yourself. Now, you must face the consequences of your actions by yourself. Meaning none of your relatives or friends are going to help you get out of credit card debt even if the money you took out was to help them.

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