This Sunday (November 25) on GMA Pinoy TV, Atom Araullo flies to Spain for an extraordinary and mouth-watering adventure in “The Atom Araullo Specials: iCelebremos!”

The Kapuso broadcast journalist gives viewers a head start on some of the best cuisines the world has ever tasted. Not only will he reveal the mysteries of these recipes, but he will also discover secrets deeply rooted to us Filipinos.

Photo: Atom Araullo goes to Segovia,Spain (Courtesy of GMA Network)

Here in the Philippines, Filipinos boast of the world-famous lechon as the center of every celebration. But can this Spanish cuisine called cochinillo be the missing link in the local Pinoy lechon? To find out the answer, Atom visits the medieval city of Segovia and joins the chefs of the Meson de Candido where cochinillo was originally made. Atom also travels to Madrid and visits the oldest restaurant in the world, the Sobrino de Botin, where he meets a kababayan who will teach him how to make a delightful cochinillo.

Atom also goes to Valencia, the “Home of the Paella.” Valencia offers the authentic Spanish paella and its secret to an exquisite paella? It is not seafood, but rather a meat that many Filipinos may have not savored yet. Not to be missed as well are the spices that can’t be undermined, just like saffron which costs P 200,000 per kilo. Many recipes offer special techniques to make the best out of the best ingredients. This is what Toni Montoliu and Atom will practice using neither their eyes, nose, nor tongue, but with their ears!

Photo: Atom Araullo flies to Spain for an extraordinary and mouth-watering adventure in Spain (Courtesy of GMA Network)

But what is a Spanish trip without a little apprenticeship? Atom learns how to become a cortador or ham slicer in Madrid that is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in Spain. He will be mentored by no less than the first-ever Maestro Cortador Filipino. But wait there’s more, did you know that you can earn up to 2,000 euros in an event just by slicing a ham? But this isn’t just any other ham, because Jamon Iberico is known as the world’s finest ham. This Spanish gem deserves its title because a leg of this ham can go as high as P100,000!