Joshua Garcia doesn’t want to be called the best actor of his generation

Photo: Joshua Garcia (Joshua Garcia facebook Page)

By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Joshua Garcia doesn’t mind if in the recently-concluded Star Awards for Television by the Philippine Movie Press Club, he shared the Best Drama Actor trophy with Jerome Ponce for their work in the ABS-CBN soap “The Good Son.” 

“Oh yes!” he says. “That’s just okay. It’s no big deal with me. I’ve seen his performance in the show and I can say he also did well. He deserves to win and Nash Aguas as well.”

For the cute lad, the win means a lot.

“Personally, I’m proud and happy with the recognition. All the hard work I put in during the show’s entire run was all worth it!”

Many people say that at present, he’s the best actor in his generation.

“Honestly, I don’t feel and see it that way. There are other excellent performers among my peers. Apart from Jerome and Nash, there’s also McCoy de Leon. I’m grateful for that observation but I don’t want to claim it. 

“I’m just thankful that God gave me this precious acting talent. Of the many aspirants who want to make it in showbiz, I’m lucky to be given a break and portray challenging roles. Not everyone is given the chance to work with the best stars and directors. I’m glad I experience it!”

Photo: Joshua Garcia (Joshua Garcia facebook Page)

He takes his craft seriously. Does he have any dream role which he wants to do in the future?

“I want dark and out-of-the-box characters,” reveals Joshua. “For example, I want to try the psychotic character James McAvoy did in ‘Split.’ This is a 2016 psychological horror-thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Imagine, James essayed 23 different personalities in the film! 

“In my case, perhaps, the maximum I can portray is seven. James is very good because he was able to do 23 and with much conviction. That’s very complex. I also want to try what Sean Penn did in ‘I Am Sam’ where he essays the role of a mentally-challenged father fighting for the custody of his daughter. These materials will surely hone my acting chops further.”

How about serious gay roles?

“Yes! No problem with that either. In fact, I already have an experience of that when I did ‘I Love You Hater’ opposite Julia. Remember, in the said flick, I had to pretend that I was gay to get the job. It was pretty challenging.”

Speaking of Julia, the accommodating Kapamilya revealed she did something great for his recent birthday. 

“Oh yes! I spent it in Bulacan. I’m thankful to Julia (Barretto) for her treat. That’s the best gift I received. My family and I had pizza there. It was a very relaxing day for me. No stress at all. It’s nice.”

Now that he’s a year older, what are the changes in his life?

“Well, perhaps, I realized that my world is getting bigger. I get to meet more people in my life. I also feel that little by little, there are more responsibilities entailed in my additional year. I guess, that’s part of maturity,” ends Joshua.