By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In his upcoming soap opera titled, “Take Life”, Gerald Anderson is playing the role of a soldier and he’s glad that a Memorandum of Understanding was already signed between ABS-CBN and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“That’s right!” he says. “It feels great that we’ve just gotten the support of the AFP for this project. Both parties agreed to support each other in giving the Filipino audience a good and realistic program. We waited for so long for this to happen. I’m really happy with the partnership.

“On the part of the AFP, they can help a lot in training the cast members who are assigned military roles in the plot to give a more accurate portrayal. Meanwhile, ABS-CBN will serve as the perfect vessel in which the viewers can take a glimpse on the colourful lives of military people.”

He has already seen some rushes of the scenes that were already shot and believes that the show holds a lot of promise.

“Actually, we haven’t shot any military scenes yet, only the family scenes and it’s good. While shooting the scenes, everybody was inspired. We felt things will turn out positive specially the viewership. I’m hats-off to our director (Richard Somes). His treatment to this TV offering is like a film.”

The military is close to the handsome actor’s heart. Unknown to some, he is a lieutenant of the Philippine Coast Guard. This is the reason why he feels confident of the alliance between the AFP and ABS-CBN for the soap.

“Our training will start anytime soon. Thanks to our partnership with the AFP. I’m thrilled because I’m very much aware of the life of military people, what they go through, what their stories are. The demands of their job and their families. All of these the public could watch in ‘Take Life.’ So, as early as now, I’m excited for the soap,” Gerald avers.

Interestingly, it can be remembered that he already played a military part in one of his previous shows, “Tayong Dalawa” opposite Kim Chiu. How different is it from his latest offering?

“Oh, the story is far different, that’s for sure. This is not a re-telling of my former soap. Compared to ‘Tayong Dalawa’, this one focuses more on military life, what they and their families go through in the name of national security. I can say that the impact made by ‘Tayong Dalawa’ during that time was strong. Many were inspired to enter the military due to the show. I hope we will achieve the same effect with ‘Take Life.’ Anyway, as I’ve said, I feel confident with our material!”

Meanwhile, the appealing actor expressed his admiration to girlfriend Bea Alonzo’s currently showing potboiler “First Love.”

“It’s such a nice movie, very heart-warming. I even told her that I envy her since she shared the screen with Aga (Muhlach) who is one of our iconic figures in the local ‘biz. I also dream of working with him in a silver screen project. I’m certain that the movie is a grand treat to the viewing public. Imagine, two of our biggest and award-winning actors in one film? Add to this that they shot the film entirely in Canada. Wow! It’s really awesome, right?” ends Gerald.