International Institute of the Bay Area condemns proposed changes to ‘public charge’ definition


The Trump administration’s proposed changes to public charge will have devastating consequences for immigrants who access government programs they are legally entitled to.

With the proposed changes now published in the Federal Register and the public comment period open, IIBA asks the public to submit their comments against the proposed changes to public charge, listed as “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds,” as soon as possible at

These programs offer immigrant families essential food security and healthcare as they build their lives in the United States. Over 9.2 million children could be affected as immigrant families withdraw out of government programs for fear it will affect their ability to remain in the United States.

The administration has pushed a false narrative that immigrants overwhelmingly depend on the U.S. government over native born citizens. Immigrants are no more likely to participate in food assistance, Medicaid, and other government programs than those born in the United States, as shown in the Center for American Progress report.

If these changes to how public charge is defined are allowed to go into effect, the United States will signal that no longer are we a country for the most vulnerable but instead a country for the rich and privileged. We must fight these changes and continue to welcome and protect those seeking refuge and a better life for one’s family, regardless of economic status.

IIBA condemns these proposed changes and calls on the public to join us in taking a stand.

The public has until December 10th, 2018 to submit their comments against the proposed changes at All comments must be reviewed before the changes can go into effect. Your action does make a difference.