By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After being silent for some time, Billy Crawford finally made public the reason why he left the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” in which he used to be a regular host.

“Honestly, it’s because of my personal life,” he says. “As you all know, I got married to Coleen (Garcia) in April this year in Balesin Island. Right before the wedding, I got really very busy so I had to take a leave of absence from ‘It’s Showtime.’ I’m very grateful to the management for allowing me to take some time off in order to concentrate on the planning of the wedding. My leave of absence helped a lot for me to work on the details.”

Photo: Billy Crawford and wife; Coleen Garcia Crawford (Billy Crawford Official Instagram Page)

Many expected that after the wedding, he would already go back to the show.

“Well, it didn’t happen right away because I concentrated on the construction of our love nest. Of course, building a house is not that easy. It would eat up much of your time. I didn’t want to give the production team false hopes that I’d come back. What I did was just to extend my vacation.

“As I’ve said earlier, it did me well because I was able to focus not just to my marriage but also to my other passion which is music. I think everyone knows that music is a huge part of my life. During the time off, I was able to finish my album which took nine years to get completed. It’s something which cannot be rushed. It’s perfect timing since I got the inspiration from Coleen. It’s all part of the plan!”

Photo: Billy Crawford and wife; Coleen Garcia Crawford (Billy Crawford Official Instagram Page)

So what’s his plan now? Will he still get back to “It’s Showtime”?

“For sure, yes but I just don’t know exactly when. It’s something which I cannot answer at this point. You know, it’s hard because I want to start a family as well, right? First and foremost, I want to be a husband to Coleen and a father to our future children.”

To this, Coleen can only agree.

“You know, there are people whose passion is to grind every day. But knowing Billy, he is not that type. I’m getting to know him better now that he’s my husband and as of now, he wants to slow down. At 36, he wants to focus on his family.

“All his life, he wasn’t able to really spend time with his family because of his busy showbiz career. Coincidentally, I also come from a broken family. My parents are separated so both Billy and I want to make our married life a different story. Our priority is to build a good, peaceful and happy family,” she ends.