Joshua and Julia: Loving their characters in “Ngayon at Kailanman”


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are both happy and proud with all the positive feedbacks and consistent high ratings of their latest soap opera “Ngayon at Kailanman” over at ABS-CBN.

“Personally, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who religiously watch ‘Ngayon at Kailanman’ every night,” says Joshua. “My heartfelt gratitude goes to the fans as well for their never-ending love and support to JoshLia! The same holds true to all those who tweet and make the show trend well on social media. Thank you very much!” avers Joshua.

“That’s right!” seconds Julia. “I’m just so happy that many like our story. Indeed, Joshua and I are blessed that the management gave us this project. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do this show. We’re thankful and optimistic at the same time that our loyal viewers will continue supporting us. They should stay tuned all the time because there are lots of developments as the plot thickens so to speak.”

Interestingly, the roles they play in the soap are far from their true personalities. Says Joshua who plays Inno:

“Oh, yes! That’s why it’s a huge challenge. In my case, I’m given long lines which I should deliver in English. Before, I was always the quiet type. But characters change along the way and you should adjust.

“As I’ve said earlier, in the soap, I have lots of speaking lines in English. They’re really long and it’s something new to me coming from roles which are quiet in nature. It’s good that I have a speech coach to help me deliver my English lines more convincingly. Sometimes, I sound off because the lines are too long. The speech class is simply a huge help to me!”
As for Julia, she admits she is still in the process of embracing her character as Eva.

“Honestly, it’s very challenging. It took me a while before the role sunk in to me. Now, I can say I’m more comfortable with it. I can move more freely now since I can feel Eva in my system. It’s exciting how I’ll really be able to paint the character as the days go by.”
Even if at first Joshua couldn’t relate to his character, now he has already learned to embrace it.

“That’s right! I love my character now. I’ve internalized it. I’m aware of his back story and I know where he’s leading. For sure, viewers will get to understand him more in the next episodes.”

On a lighter note, many are thrilled to be seeing them in the momentous ABS-CBN Ball. In occasions like this, stars are glamorized and dressed to the hilt. What are their preparations?

“To be honest, we’ll just leave everything to our designers and stylists. It’s hard to be hands-on in that aspect at this point when our tapings for ‘Ngayon at Kailanman’ are daily.

We trust our stylists that they’ll make us look extremely good in the event,” Joshua and Julia end in unison.