By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla don’t want to make an issue out of Sharon Cuneta’s recent Instagram post in which she said she’s certain she’ll love Kathryn but the tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto is irreplaceable in her heart. It can be remembered that the JoshLia tandem worked with the Megastar in the hit flick “Unexpectedly Yours” while Kathryn is included in Sharon’s latest movie under Star Cinema opposite Richard Gomez titled, “Three Words to Forever.”

The comparison didn’t sit well with Kathryn’s supporters who engaged in arguments with Sharon’s fans on social media.

“I don’t think that was Ms. Sharon’s intention,” says Kathryn. “Actually, when she posted her message in Instagram, I was like, ‘Oh my God! Is this legit?’ Personally, I’m so happy that I’ll be working with her. It’s a huge honor.

“With regards to her statement, I guess it’s just normal that you won’t easily forget people who became close to you in a project just because you’re currently working with someone new. It’s no big deal for me, really. I’m just glad that Ms. Sharon is open to accept me in her heart as well. It means so much that she allowed me to know her better.”

Daniel totally agrees.

“It’s understandable if Ms. Sharon gives courtesy to Joshua and Julia. They’ve worked together first. The good thing is, despite her love for JoshLia, she also embraces Kathryn into her fold,” he avers.

Meanwhile, the two are happy with their currently showing film “The Hows of Us” which is different from their previous starrers. As of this writing, the movie is a certified blockbuster.

“We’re grateful for the public’s very warm reception to the film. It’s really one challenging project. I just don’t want to play it up as our entry into the mature genre. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you will interpret your character. If you really saw the character and was able to imbibe it in your system. The fans can expect that there will always be something new in every potboiler we make,” the tandem says in unison.

Interestingly, since Kathryn is doing “Three Words to Forever” without Daniel, is she prepared with the fact that eventually, they will get paired with other actors?

“I see nothing wrong with it. If sometimes, I will do a project opposite a different star and the same thing with DJ, it is just fine. I think it will be beneficial to our respective career. It will be good to our craft as actors. But that doesn’t mean that our love team will be abolished or what. Of course, KathNiel remains solid!”

While his ladylove will be busy shooting “Three Words to Forever”, Daniel is concentrating on his upcoming concert “Back at the Araneta” come October.

“That’s right! After ‘The Hows of Us’, this is what I’m going to get busy with. It’s been three years since my last concert so it’s exciting to perform on stage once again. As of now, I still have no idea as to how the show will turn out. I do hope the public will support it,” he ends.